Year 12 results 2023

03 January 2024


Congratulations to our class of 2023, who completed their schooling with both strong academic results and the skills, abilities and capacity to move confidently into their futures.

Irrespective of their individual rank, the cohort are so happy with what they have each achieved. These results are thanks to the combined effort of the incredible work of those staff who have supported them, and of course their support of each other and individual hard work.

Of the 2023 Year 12 students who pursued an ATAR pathway to meet their post-school goals and who have elected to share their results with the College (at this stage):

  • 9% achieved an ATAR of 99 or above
  • 25% achieved at ATAR of 95 or above
  • 53% received an ATAR of 90 or above
  • 73% received an ATAR of 85 or above
  • 85% of students received an ATAR of 80 or above

Congratulations to Daniel Boulton , who has the honour of achieving both College Dux (shared) and ATAR Dux, with his ATAR of 99.95, and also to Kyal Foster , College Dux (shared), on his outstanding result of 99.7.

Other statistics for this cohort include:

  • median ATAR was 90.6
  • 12 students received 100% for a subject
  • 18 students received straight A results
  • 37 students (31% of the cohort) graduated with one or more VET Qualification.

The decision for students to share their ATAR with the school is optional and the above statistics are based on data available to the College from students who provided consent to share their information.

The College is incredibly proud of all our students. As our students now wait to hear about University offers, they do so, confident with the results they have achieved.

As always, our community have been positive and supportive of our Class of 2023 and we want to thank them and acknowledge their hard work in preparing them well for their next steps.

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