Enrichment and Extension

We stand for growth.

Growth-focused pedagogy and personalised learning

Students from Prep to Year 12 are encouraged and challenged to aim for their personal best in all that they do. To address this in their academic studies, students are supported through growth-focused pedagogy and personalised learning to ensure students move confidently into their futures.

At St Andrew’s, every student can access support for their learning. Some students, based upon identified needs and/or their pathway through school, will also access other provisions available through the Extension and Enrichment, and VET (Vocational Education and Training) departments of the College.

There are a wide range of opportunities available to students identified by the College as being candidates who would benefit from extension and/or enrichment. Students are identified as having learning needs suitable through a review process conducted by the College’s Extension and Enrichment Management Team (EEMT).

This multi-dimensional and flexible identification process at St Andrew's involves:

  • recognising the wide range of gifts and talents exhibited by our students
  • using a balanced range of data, including formal and informal indicators of student achievement and potential, to determine suitable student candidates
  • promoting inclusiveness and appropriate opportunity (not exclusiveness).

Extension and Enrichment offers a range of school-based, regional, state-based, national and international programs and events for groups and individuals. Some examples include:

  • Tournament of Minds
  • Future Problem Solving: Global Issues and Scenario Writing
  • Primary extension withdrawal (PEW: targeted lessons in English and/or Mathematics)
  • The da Vinci Decathlon
  • ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) (various subjects offered)
  • Mathematics Olympiad

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