Institute of Learning (SAIL)

Through research and collaboration, we're challenging, impacting and inspiring individual and collective growth.

Contributing to the Discussion

We invite you to join us as we aim to challenge, impact, and inspire for the benefit of our learning communities and beyond.

The underlying focus of St Andrew’s Institute of Learning (SAIL) is to contribute to local, national, and global discussions about education, while also offering ongoing professional learning to staff and the broader St Andrew's community. The key to this is developing networks with like-minded educators from across the globe.

This includes partnerships with other colleges and schools, universities, industry professionals, start-ups and other innovation units.

Drawing on the tenants of the St Andrew's Learning Framework and Personal Capacity Charter, SAIL aims to explore and share new, innovative approaches to learning.

This is achieved through the specific project areas of:

  • Learning Networks and Practice
  • Personal Capacity Building
  • Research and Seminars
  • Partnerships.


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Our SAIL staff have been recognised in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Australian Educator Awards and in research papers and conference presentations that highlight the wonderful work of the team.

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