Pastoral Care

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Our Model

St Andrew’s is a vibrant, caring, and compassionate community that provides opportunities for students to grow, develop and flourish in each dimension of their lives. The College takes a broad-based holistic approach to the educational, social, and emotional growth of each child, from their very first day of school.

The St Andrew’s Pastoral and Academic Care model is based on the critical importance of positive and respectful relationships to provide both emotional and spiritual support for all members of our learning community. Individual pastoral care needs are monitored closely by our experienced staff in each sub-school, and all staff take on the responsibility of supporting every student in a wide range of settings, scenarios, classes, and activities.

We cannot always build the future for our young people, but we can build our young people for the future.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fostering Relationships

In Primary School, students' class teachers and specialist teachers are key focal points for all matters concerning the wellbeing and pastoral needs of students, where high quality relationships are fostered to allow for communication between home and school.

In our Secondary School, the St Andrew's pastoral care model incorporates a mentor program to provide unique support to students by guiding them through all aspects of their Secondary School journey. Mentor teachers are paired with all students in Years 7 and 12 generally for a period of three consecutive years to allow for high quality relationships to be developed to engender a sense of trust and support. Students have daily check-ins with their mentor teachers and take part in short, regular lessons in wellbeing, personal capacity development and other pastoral care topics best suited to the developmental needs of students.

College Psychologist

At St Andrew’s, we are fortunate to have a College Psychologist on-staff who are here to support the psychological health and safety of our students. We understand academic success can only be achieved when social and emotional wellbeing is strong, and for this reason prioritise equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to maintain positive mental health. The College Psychologist provides one-on-one support to students as needed and works with our staff to embed the best well-being practices into each classroom and in each experience.

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