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We stand for innovation.

Future Learning

St Andrew's has been recognised both nationally and internationally for its exceptional culture of innovation and wide variety of curricular and co-curricular opportunities. We are continuously exploring new innovations based on the interests of our students and developments in technology.

Our students are taught to think critically and creatively to solve real-world problems. Through our purpose-built STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and future learning programs, we create a culture of curiosity, independence, and learner agency to become the next generation of innovators and game-changers.

Our students begin to engage with digital technologies and STEAM-based learning from as early as Prep. With our 1:1 device program, students start to acquire digital literacy skills in conjunction with our dedicated Head of Digital Pedagogy who works closely with students and teachers to deeply connect concepts of Digital and Design Technologies to authentic curricular experiences. Students continue to build on these skills through Primary and then into Secondary when they can deepen their learning by electing to study a variety of STEAM or Future Learning subjects.

The aim is to offer a safe, inclusive space where our students can build skills and gain assurance in their capabilities as designers and technologists.

Primary (Prep to Year 4)

A sense of curiosity, exploration and imagination, blended seamlessly with the Walker Learning Approach is key to our Primary digital programs.

From coding applications to using technology to plant and harvest sustainable gardens, our dedicated teaching staff are constantly initiating new strategies to keep students engaged and at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Dedicated STEAM days and classes in the Learning Hub for Primary students introduce them to our unique Design Centred Learning process, an inquiry-based way of learning which ignites wonder and curiosity. Here, students are immersed in practical, hands-on experiences to provoke critical thinking. A specialised coding program, engaging applications and robotic devices are all deployed in Primary to promote logic, reasoning and troubleshooting skills under the direction of our specialised Digital Integration staff.

Primary (Year 5 and 6)

Our Upper Primary teaching team have developed a STEAM program, that re-imagines the way STEAM education is delivered, in a meaningful and engaging way for all students. The point of difference, linking and expanding STEAM to the Science curriculum through a student-led approach.

Launched in 2023 to students in Year 5 and 6, is centred around the science curriculum and focuses on developing students’ personal capacity and 21st century skills. It spans all four terms, offering students the opportunity to select areas of personal interest and apply STEAM principles to tackle real-world challenges. Being a student-led program, it provides opportunities for students to explore their own interests and take ownership of their learning through project-based activities. Hear from our students on what they have to say about this unique program in the video below.

Middle Years (Years 7 and 8)

Design Thinking and Innovation are a core part of our Digital & Design Technology subjects. These project-based experiences are designed for students to take ownership of their learning and solve real-world problems.

A flexible learning environment allows students to collaborate with peers and utilise interdisciplinary approaches to investigate authentic STEAM and Social Entrepreneurship problems using the Design Thinking mindset. Students tackle concepts like the impact of 'Automation in the Workforce' and 'Leveraging Drones for Business' to expose them to the challenges of the future job market, and the opportunities that exist within.

Secondary Years (Years 9 to 12)

Our Creative Industries faculty offers a range of core and elective choices that provide a diverse set of opportunities for the Senior Years, allowing students to choose a personalised learning path that suits their learning style and future aspirations.

With curricular electives such as Business Innovation, STEAM, Digital Solutions, Engineering and Design, students have multiple opportunities to enhance their skills and passions. The Seniors Years program is designed to inspire and support students to begin their journey as influencers and change makers while still at school, developing their entrepreneurial mindset, resilience, and creative thinking. Through both curricular and co-curricular opportunities, students are also encouraged and supported to participate in internships, engage in workshops with industry and academic experts, and take part in external competitions and programs locally, nationally, and globally.

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