Spiritual Life

We stand for love.

Our Christian Faith

The Christian faith on which our College was built, underpins all that we do at St Andrew’s.

We endeavour to equip students with a framework as they grow to understand and establish their faith. We encourage students to question and to think, to continually be aware of themselves, their surroundings, and others. We are compelled with gratitude to manage and care for the world and everything that lives in it, and to treat other people the way that we too would want to be treated. Nurturing each student in exploring their Christian faith is the responsibility of the College Chaplain and Ministry Team. We welcome the opportunity to discuss, question and build our students' understanding of Christian beliefs and practices, regardless of their experience or understanding of Christianity.

Student Wellbeing

Learn more about the St Andrew's student wellbeing and Pastoral Care model.

Student Wellbeing

Christian Education

Christian Education is taught in the classroom from Prep to Year 11, in a way that is intrinsically engaging and not assessment driven.

Students also participate in regular chapel services as well as larger services for important dates in the Christian calendar. Involvement in these provide opportunities for students to discover the life and teaching of Jesus and gain an awareness and respect for the diverse beliefs of others both locally and abroad. In a safe and supportive environment, students are encouraged to question, discuss and evaluate critically other worldviews and practices, key events and people who have impacted history as well as range of personal and public ethical issues.

Our Vision

Our Christian Ministry vision is fivefold:

  • To provide a quality Christian Education Program.
  • For students to have an understanding of the Christian Faith.
  • For students to acquire an authentic picture of what Christianity in Action looks like.
  • To provide meaningful worship opportunities and pastoral support.
  • To provide a place of worship and meeting for the wider Peregian Springs community.

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