St Andrew's recognised as 5 star Employer of Choice

24 May 2023


St Andrew’s Anglican College has been named as an Employer of Choice by the Educator, recognising our commitment to empowering staff professionalism and building a positive learning culture and community.

Celebrating the College’s 20th anniversary, Principal Rev Chris Ivey said it reflected the focus on relationships, people and culture that the College was found upon, and still maintains today.

“When the College first opened in 2003, founding Principal, Dr Sue Simon (Hornum) made a commitment to ensure that people and relationships were at the core of what we wanted to achieve here at St Andrew’s,” he said.

“This commitment to ensuring we have a positive and supportive culture not only enables our students to achieve their personal best and move confidently into their future, it allows our staff to thrive, to explore areas of passion and to work in a trusting workplace where people are committed to what we are trying to achieve.”

The College is one of only 20 schools, nation-wide to be recognised on this list in 2023, based on a national survey highlighting initiatives and achievements across a number of key areas providing supportive, inclusive and aspirational environments for staff.

St Andrew´s Head of Human Resources, Ms Lisa George said becoming a 5-Star Employer of Choice was the result of a collaborative process that builds trust and strengthens connections.

¨We have a a focus on employing staff who are culturally aligned to who we are and what we are doing,¨ she said.

¨Our culture is who we are and what we are known for, and we wish to ensure that all structures, roles and responsibilities are focused on our support for building relationships, which are at the heart of our College.¨

She said the College´s substantial range of employee benefits and initiatives aim to support employees both personally and professionally. These include flexible work arrangements, additional superannuation, an extensive EAP program and wellness app, nurturing a culture of inclusion and respect, a comprehensive professional development program for all staff, leadership opportunities and a pre-employment Welcome Program that fosters developing the relationship with staff prior to commencement, this includes access to a cultural colleague and an incremental cultural induction before commencement.

The extensive and evolving professional growth program at the College, has been a key highlight for staff at the College over many years.

As the College has continued to grow and evolve over its 20 years, so too has the Professional Growth program, including a variety of approaches that are responsive to the needs of individuals, groups or teams, and the whole College strategic direction.

¨When employees are invested in and supported, they are affirmed and empowered to be outstanding practioners, enabling them to improve and substantially shift student learning outcomes and develop personal capacity,¨ Ms George said.

¨Building a positive learning culture and community is instrumental in fulfilling our central mission. Programs that enable the professional growth of staff, and which foster their vision, energy, creativity and engagement have a significant part to play in building this culture and community.¨

Included in the Professional Growth program is:

  • Compliance and operational professional PD
  • Weekly workshops and twilight sessions
  • Professional learning communities
  • Coaching and professional conversations
  • Leadership Growth
  • External professional development opportunities
  • HALT and Lead teacher program
  • SAIL associates’ program, seminars and presentations
  • Team project research grants
  • Insight tours
  • International exchange

Ms George said that equally as important, was the way the College supported staff on a personal level.

¨We are a College built on relationships, and recognising the whole person,¨ she said.

¨Our staff are valuable employees, but they are also parents, partners, grandparents, siblings, and caregivers and so much more. We recognise this, and support them where we can to be their best in those roles too.¨

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