Secondary Independent District Athletics Champions

14 August 2023


Congratulations to our entire Secondary Athletics team who won the overall trophy at the Sunshine Coast Independent Schools Championships.

It was a brilliant team performance from all 100 St Andrew's athletes over 2 days of competition. There were so many highlights on the track and in the field, but the true highlights were the wonderful sense of team, cohesive support and great friendship which is what made the team so special. Well done to all students!

Congratulations to our Independent District Age Champions

  • Will F (15 Boys)
  • Myra H(17 Girls)

Luce G (14 years boys), Cameron P (16 years boys) and Kye P (18 years boys) all finished third in their age championship groups. Luca G also set a new record in the 14 years boys long jump, with a jump of 6.02m.

Independent District Champions

Luca G- 14 Boys Triple Jump, Long Jump, 100m, 200m; Myra H - 17 Girls Javelin, Triple Jump, Long Jump; Lila M - 18 Girls 1500m, 800m; Callum S – 14 Boys 400m; Lily L - 18 Girls 400m; Felix H - 18 Boys Discus; Kye P - 18 Boys 800m; Harley D - 14 Girls 100m; Ryker S - 14 Boys Shot Put; Heidi L - 16 Girls 3000m

Independent District Runners Up

Noah E– 14 Boys 400m, 800m, 3000m; Will F – 15 Boys 400m, Javelin, Triple Jump, Callum S - 14 Boys 100m, Shot Put, 200m; Mia C - 14 Girls 1500m, 800m, 3000m; Heidi L - 16 Girls 1500m, 800m; Oli N – 15 Girls 1500m, 3000m; Will P – 16 Boys Discus, Shot Put; Charlie S – 16 Girls 100m, 200m; Ivy C – 13 Girls Shot Put, Discus; Gabby L - 18 Girls 1500m, 800m; Deon B – 16 Boys Javelin; Ava C - 16 Girls High Jump; Ryker S - 14 Boys Discus; Myra H – 17 Girls 100m; Ben C - 16 Boys Triple Jump; Rory M -15 Boys 1500m; Millie E – 17 Girls Triple Jump; Ivy A - 13 Girls Javelin; Skye W - 16 Girls Long Jump; Harley D - 14 Girls 200m

Third placegetters

Cameron P - 16 Boys 400m, Triple Jump, 100m, Long Jump; Lucy B – 15 Girls 800m, 3000m; Kye P – 18 Boys 100m, 200m; Isla R – 15 Girls Javelin; Xavier L - 18 Boys Triple Jump; Maggie W – 17 Girls Triple Jump; Bryce B - 13 Boys Javelin;
Will S – 16 Boys 1500m; Rose L - 17 Girls 1500m; Tom D - 17 Boys 800m; Jett L - 18 Boys 800m; Mia C - 14 Girls 400m; Erin M - 15 Girls 400m; Jake R – 17 Boys Long Jump; Hunter J – 18 Boys Long Jump; Ava C – 16 Girls Discus; Luca G - 14 Boys High Jump; Will D - 17 Boys 100m; Charlie R – 15 Boys Discus; Sam G – 13 Boys Discus; Will F -15 Boys 200m; Saba H – 16 Girls 200m; Myra H – 17 Girls 200m; Byron P – 17 Boys 3000m

Congratulations to a further 15 students who achieved a Top 5 placing

Summer L, Martha B, Cara M, Keehan N, Michaela P, Tom J, Emily C, Nina I, Daniel F, Jada B, Sophie A, Caitlan R, Riley W, Harry R, Bianca C

Congratulations to the students who achieved a Top 10 placing
Louis B, Jackson S, Sophia I, Bryce M, Arabella A, Blake T, Emmet S, Charlie G, Kash A, Lucy B, Sam B, Hudson G, Ben N, Joya S, Stirling C, Archie B, Ben F, Bella W, Jesse L, Katelyn S, Isaac D, Willow S, Harvey P, Sally Miller, Isaac H

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