Lord of the Flies

27 November 2022

I’m sure many adults have at some point read or studied the text Lord of the Flies written by the Nobel prize winning British author William Golding.

As an English and Drama teacher I taught the text early in my teaching career but was also fortunate to assist my old Headmaster at the The Hutchins School, Hobart, when he directed the play during my third teaching prac in my Uni days. It is a text with themes that cause us to stop and think about the tension between groupthink and individuality, between rational and emotional reactions and between morality and immorality. So we are asked to ponder, what would happen if we took away rules, how would people behave? William Golding is convinced that humans are inherently evil, would resort to the lowest common denominator.

Lord of the Flies is a very challenging text and play, particularly as we have chosen to cast the play with students who are of a similar age to the ones Golding had in mind. However, our young students have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and have met and indeed exceeded our expectation. As both Principal and Director I have been so humbled by their willingness to embrace this challenge, it is not easy to portray a character who reverts to such barbaric actions. I think my most common comment to our students during the final few rehearsals has been – stop smiling, stop being so nice! Our cast had to work hard to present characters that are perhaps contrary to their own personality, and they have done so well. When we talk about Personal Capacity as a way to build life-skills into our students, surely theatre and acting are some of the best opportunities that enable them to really work hard at something that is way out of their ‘normal’. Throughout the process, our students have demonstrated incredible commitment and dedication and I am in awe of the way in which they have given of their time and their desire to grow and learn.

However, like most things, it takes a team, so I have been so fortunate to work closely with Mr Dean, Ms Mackie and Mr Tomkins. Together we encouraged, guided and motivated our cast to achieve great things. I appreciate their passion and zeal for theatre and their commitment to excellence for our students. I also want to thank our sponsors, Brown & Co Realty, Aussie Coolum and piiink for their support of our show. The Arts at St Andrew’s continue to build and develop and as we enter the final stage of our Drama and Music Precinct development, we know this will be an important turning point for our College.

Mr Chris Ivey

Principal/ Co-Director

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