Cross Country Success

19 May 2023


Dual champions! Congratulations to our 105 runners, who worked hard to claim both the Primary and Secondary overall champion trophy at the Independent District Cross Country Carnival.

Dual champions! Congratulations to our 105 runners, who worked hard to claim both the Primary and Secondary overall champion trophy at the Independent District Cross Country Carnival.

Congratulations to our super Secondary Cross Country team with so many outstanding individual performances results to win the Overall Champion trophy ahead of Sunshine Coast Grammar in 2nd and Matthew Flinders in 3rd. In the Primary (9-12 years) event in the afternoon, there were again lots of determined runs to win the carnival ahead of Matthew Flinders in 2nd and SC Grammar in 3rd. There were an impressive 35 Top 10 finishes throughout the day and an impressive 12 Top 3 finishes .

We have now competed at 92 ‘Big 3’ carnivals (Cross Country , Swimming and Athletics) alongside the 11 Sunshine Coast Independent Schools. The overall win for our Primary and Secondary Cross Country teams on Tuesday was our 41st and 42nd Overall Champion victory, which is an incredible achievement for the College and credit to our students and families.

Sunshine Coast Independent Schools Cross Country
Primary Champions (9,10,11,12 years)
2023, 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005

Secondary Champions (9,10,11,12 years) 2023, 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

The St Andrew’s results are below, with 22 St Andrew’s students selected to compete at the upcoming Sunshine Coast Regional Carnival: Sam N, Heidi L, Charlie F, Lila M, Mia C, Sonny S, Freddy C, Dylan S, Luca E, Rose L, Nic P, Rory M, Lucy B, Erin M, Archie V, Jackson S, Georgie SW, Mackenzie D, Jemimah S, Archie M, Oli N, Blake T.

These super results are all due to the tireless commitment and hard work of our runners, together with the special support of families. Thank you to Nick Croft and Ms Kate Child for their super work with the team. A special mention also to our Cross Country Captain – Lucy B - for her passion and support of St Andrew's Cross Country. A special acknowledgement also to two Year 12 students Lila Mc and Lily L (who unfortunately was sick on the day), who have both made every St Andrew’s Cross Country team in the Secondary school. This is a very special achievement and thank you Lila and Lily and indeed all our Year 12 runners for all their wonderful contributions to St Andrew’s Cross Country over the years. Special thank you also this week for the help and support of staff members – Maree Bowen, Wendy Porter, Cam Piper, Richard Beckett,  Alex Austin, Rachel and Teish James

Cross Country running teaches us a lot about what we can achieve, how hard we can push and what we are prepared to do. You certainly learn a lot about yourself! Importantly it is such a positive growth Sport. The course this year was again incredibly tough and I have huge respect for every student who has endured that hill, particularly our 4km and 6km runners – who do the hill twice! Our students were extremely impressive and I sincerely hope every runner feels appropriately proud about what they contributed to the College. The running culture at St Andrew’s is very special and this year’s achievement added to a very impressive honour roll since the College opened in 2003.

Age Group Champions

  • 10 Years Boys – 1st - Frederick C, Benji P, Luca E, Jethro S, Jack R, Theo A
    10 Years Girls – 1st - Georgi S, Mackenzie D, Holly P, Lucy M, Anika G, Ivy G
  • 11 Years Girls - 1st - Jemimah S, Chloe M, Matilda S, Myla R, Evie G, Elsie G
  • 12 Years Boys – 1st - Archie M, Kye L, Alastair H, Luke A, Harrison G, Noah R, Daniel R
  • 13 Years Boys – 1st - Sam N, Jackson S, Sonny S, Liam G
  • 16 Years Boys – 1st - Charlie F, Hudson G, Nicholas P, Thomas P, Alex O
  • 17-18 Years Girls -1st - Rose L, Lila M, Lucy B, Gabby L

Age Group Runners Up

  • 9 Years Boys -2nd - Alfie L, Archer T, Brax G, Kai B, Rocco P, Josh V
    11 Years Boys – 2nd - Dylan S, Hamish B, Freddy H, Arki F, Kade K, Brody M
  • 12 Years Girls – 2nd - Olivia G, Tallow C, Sienna H, Grace M, Poppy D, Lilou G
  • 14 Years Boys – 2nd - Archie V, Noah E, Lucas B, Lachlan H, Darcy T
  • 14 Years Girls – 2nd - Mia C, Joya S, Lily S, Charlie G, Daisy D
  • 15 Years Boys – 2nd - Jesse S, Thomas J, Bryce M, Rory M, Gus A, Ralph P, Lachie J
    15 Years Girls – 2nd - Oli N, Lucy B, Erin M, Sienna P, Claire C

Age Group 3rd place

  • 9 Years Girls – 3rd - Charlotte G, Ella R, Wynne M, Emily P, Ava E, Rosie C
  • 17-18 Years Boys – 3rd - Kye P, Byron P, William D, Jett L, Thomas D, Xavier M

District Champions

  • Alfie L– 9 Years Boys
  • Sam N – 13 years Boys
  • Heidi L – 16 years Boys
  • Charlie F – 16 years Boys
  • Lila Mc – 18 years Girls

District Runners Up

  • Mia C – 14 years Girls
  • Sonny S – 13 years Boys
  • Freddy C – 10 years Boys
  • Dylan S – 11 years Boys

District 3rd place

  • Luca E – 10 years Boys
  • Rose L – 17 years Girls
  • Nic P – 16 years Boys

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