A Call to Unite

28 April 2023


As a sportsman, 2022 College Captain Will Petersen knows the importance of connection and culture. Recognising the College didn’t have a war cry like many other schools, to really enhance the bond and spirit on the sporting field, he set out on a mission with Mr Alex Austin to create one. In our 20th year, he has returned to the College with the finished product, and is now helping our current Year 12s (pictured above) leave a legacy by embedding it in our culture.

Will, what prompted you to start this project?

We noticed that there wasn’t something that joined and united St Andrew’s teams together before and after games, like other schools did. We began investigating and researching war crys from other schools and international sporting teams, to get a feel for how it might look and sound.

Why do you think this is important for the College?

A war cry is a very important addition to the College as it really unites and connects all players/team members at a sporting event. It displays to all supporters the strong connection and bonds that St Andrew’s players have with each other. Being arm-in-arm in the war cry creates a stronger culture and feeling of inclusiveness at St Andrew’s.

Where did you start, and can you explain the process you went through to get to where it is now?

The process of developing the final war cry started with an extensive array of research of other war cries around today. We then explored the important beliefs and values of St Andrew’s and incorporated all of these into a war cry. We also incorporated parts of the Gubbi Gubbi Dyungungoo group language and consulted with the Elders. The response was very positive. After we had come up with what we believed was a ‘final product’ we then had to present the war cry to the Executive team at a meeting, which was the final stage to ensure everything was good to go.

Can you explain the language and the reasoning behind the language chosen?
The language at the beginning of the war cry translates to ‘Welcome, one, two and Everyone’. The language at the beginning was chosen to begin the war cry as it welcomes and includes all. The ending of the war cry mentions local and significant animals within Peregian and Queensland.

What do you hope this brings to the College and how it’s carried through the Community?

I hope that this brings an increase in involvement of the entire College at all sporting events and creates a stronger culture. I hope that when the war cry is said that the community/other schools recognise that it is St Andrew’s and remembers our First Nations connection to the land.

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