Vision and Spirit

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Our strategic intent is to leverage our positive energy and supportive community to enable our students to move confidently into their futures.


To have vision is to be able to 'see with one's mind' - to envisage a good and balanced place ahead. St Andrew's will be a place where its students are inspired, and where dreams and visions are honoured. It refers also to the apostle Andrew's vision in taking up the call to become a disciple of Jesus - a person of vision. As a Christian school, St Andrew's will reflect a definite Christian ethos and encourage students to seek a Christ-like character.

It reflects the vision that parents have had in choosing this College for their children. St Andrew's therefore will value the vision of parents, encouraging them to share their hopes with the vision of our school.


Spirit is the expression of energy, liveliness and positive enthusiasm within an individual, group or whole school community. St Andrew's will seek to develop the natural creativity and spirit of enquiry inherent in all children.

Spirit differentiates one school from another. Staff, students and parents will be encouraged to participate in forming spirited approaches to new ideas and an involvement in the community. Spirit in a theological sense points to the Holy Spirit who 'moved upon the face of the waters' at the beginning of creation. St Andrew's will be where the Holy Spirit is present to inspire and motivate all who form the community of St Andrews.

First and foremost, St Andrew's is a Christian college and students are given every encouragement to grow spiritually while they are members of the College community.

The awareness of the importance of a spiritual journey will hopefully remain with students long after they graduate from St Andrew's and throughout their lives. Christ's example and teachings underpin the ethos of the College, and the mutual respect, on which the College is built, is reflective of Christian values.

St Andrew's Anglican College is owned and operated by the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane and the Anglican School's Commission. It proudly reflects the traditions of care, academic rigour and commitment to the holistic education of the individual for which leading Anglican Schools are well known. The College has developed strong ties with the local Anglican parishes of Coolum and Noosa. St Andrew's has its eyes firmly on both the present and the future. The students of today will face ever-increasing changes in the amount of and the accessibility of knowledge as they grow up. The role of a 'school of the future' is to plan to serve the needs of its students for the future, and to retain what is good from past practice. Special emphasis will be given to the role of technology and how it can serve students' educational needs in the best possible way.

St Andrew's is a College for the community, and in particular serving the needs of families in the northern end of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Strong ties will grow between the College and community groups, local businesses, other schools and universities. In addition to these aspects, St Andrew's is also an environmentally aware College, being situated on a stunning campus, rich with flora and fauna of great beauty. The Litoria Olongburensis (Wallum Tree Frog) is a protected specimen and inhabits specific areas of our College site. This, in addition to other rare or threatened species of fauna and flora, will be fully considered as development of the College Site occurs. They will certainly add a richness to our College environment and we are privileged to be able to learn in such a naturally rich environment.

Vision Statement for Anglican Schools 

The College opened its doors for the first intake of 161 students in January 2003 and has quickly grown into and developed its own culture and traditions.

Deliberations concerning the location, demand for and nature of St Andrew's Anglican College have been occurring since 1992. It was originally planned for the College to open for the start of the 2002 School Year, however, the Master Plan had to be amended to accommodate the natural habitat of the Wallum Tree Frog, an endangered species. An in-depth management plan will ensure that this area remains in its natural state, and that the Wallum Tree Frog is not further endangered. This environmentally protected area is an admired feature of St Andrew's and will provide students with a dynamic local reserve on their doorstep.

Building works began in 2002 and on the first day of the College's operation - 28 January 2003 - Archbishop Phillip Aspinall commissioned Mrs Sue Hornum, the College's Foundation Principal and the whole community celebrated the very first day for St Andrew's! 161 students made the leap of faith and with a staff full of pioneering spirit, St Andrew's has never looked back. Now with more than 1200 students, it is now a leading education establishment on the Sunshine Coast.


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