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St Andrew's Drama

Drama at St Andrew's Anglican College provides students with opportunities to explore their world through theatre creation, analysis and appreciation of historical contexts from around the world. Drama provides a medium for exploration, social criticism, celebration and entertainment across both a curricular and co-curricular context. Through engagement with the subject, students engage in aesthetic learning experiences, developing skills and understanding that are transferable to a variety of artistic, social and real world related contexts while simultaneously establishing within students a spirit of enquiry amongst students.


Engagement in the subject encourages students to explore creatively the way human beings think, feel and communicate, learning to understand others and themselves in our own community and the greater world. Drama students at St Andrew’s are invited and encouraged to explore their world through the safe and supportive environment of the Drama classroom, engaging in collaborative models of learning. Students who study Drama at St Andrew’s have the opportunity to develop a strong understanding of theatrical styles within the context of Realism and Non-Realism, exploring the history of Comedy and Tragedy across a vast range of genres and in a variety of contexts such as actor, director, producer and stage manager. Visceral learning opportunities provide an authentic process for theatrical experience.

The engaging and diverse curriculum in Drama in the Secondary school assists pupils in their self-discovery and consequently building the foundations to their own identity. Drama increases confidence and allows the mind and body to explore through a physical and subjective approach.

Within The Arts at St Andrew’s our Secondary School theatrical engaged students (whether studying Drama or not) are welcomed to audition for co-curricular opportunities, including our major productions; The Secondary School Play and The Secondary School Musical running in alternate years. Live theatre performances amidst learning the skills of responsibility, collaboration, ownership of character are inherent within our major productions, not to mention providing opportunities to create memories to last a lifetime. Major productions are performed at our College in The Studio and at The J Theatre, Noosa.

2008 - Secondary Musical, Man of Steel

2010 - Secondary Musical, Bye Bye Birdie

2012 - Secondary Musical, Chicago

2014 - Secondary Musical, Hairspray

2015 - Secondary Play (Inaugural Year), The Dining Room

2016 - Secondary Musical, Into the Woods

2017 - Secondary Play, The Real Inspector Hound

Alongside our major productions, Drama curriculum performances take place every term on College campus in The Studio, demonstrating the wealth of knowledge, talent and ability evident in our developing young actors. Please visit our News link to find out more.

Drama Events 2017


Year 11 Drama Commedia dell Arte Performance Evening

30th March starting at 6pm, doors open at 5:45pm at The Studio
Free attendance family and friends of Drama



St Andrew’s Anglican College Secondary School Play

The Real Inspector Hound

Tickets available online (Rated M)
11th, 12th and 13th May 2017 at The Studio – (time TBA)


Year 10 Drama - Soap Opera Performance Evening (Rated PG)

13th June starting at 6pm, doors open at 5:45pm at The Studio
Free attendance family and friends of Drama



St Andrew’s Anglican College Primary Musical (show TBA) (PG)

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th August – The J Noosa – tickets online – start time TBA


Year 11 Drama – Surrealism Performance Evening (Rated MA)

12th September starting at 6pm, doors open at 5:45pm at The Studio
Free attendance family and friends of Drama



Year 9 and 10 Drama Performance Evening

Blood Brothers and Soap Opera (Rated PG)

23rd November starting at 6pm, doors open at 5:45pm at The Studio
Free attendance family and friends of Drama


Year 12 Drama Evening – The Final Curtain Call (Rated M / MA rating)

25th October starting time 6pm, doors open at 5:30pm at The Studio
Free attendance family and friends of Drama

Drama Staff at St Andrew’s Anglican College are highly passionate and enthusiastic educators, who provide exciting, meaningful and creatively engaging learning opportunities in and out of the classroom through collaboration and professional theatrical development in education. 

Staff Contacts

Tara Mackie
Head of Drama

Alisha Watson
Drama Educator

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