Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.
Richard Branson

Just like business opportunities, the opportunities in the Commerce Department are plentiful! No matter what students do or where they live in the world, principles of Commerce will affect their daily lives. The Commerce Faculty will equip students with the ability to process legal and financial information and to creatively engage and effectively communicate economic, legal and business ideas, models and scenarios. With a focus on the ever-evolving technologically driven world the entrepreneurial ideas and abilities of students will be evoked and developed. Through hands-on experiences, engaging topics and real-world applications a love and passion for the world of Commerce will be evident through students from Year 7 right through to Year 12.

Whether off to the market to buy or to sell, there is a plethora of business and legal knowledge to be gained from the business experience around the world. Whether developing an understanding of what business is and how different businesses operate or what it means to be in a society that operates with rules and laws, Year 7 Commerce gives an introduction to the use of business language, a look at business principles, laws at home and around the world and a development of products for sale at our very own market day where students will engage with business ideas, financial management, product development, marketing and customer satisfaction.

Twenty-first century Australians are members of a global community, connected to the whole world by ties of culture, economics and politics, enhanced communication and travel and a shared environment. Year 8 Commerce enables students to look at the unity and interdependence of human society in regards to civics and citizenship as well as in economic developments and personal financial pursuits. Students will be encouraged to look at themselves as global citizens in their physical and online communities as well as the role they play in the global marketplace and economy.

No matter where you go, what you want to be or who you are - Business is everywhere. All in a day's work in Business covers all elements of what Business is. Looking at innovation, planning, marketing and analysis of businesses and enterprise ventures. Students will explore the language of finance, budgeting, share portfolios, advertising and marketing as well as studying a variety of successful business environments. Students will develop an understanding of managing financial information, business language, and a range of skills for life. Whilst this course is not a compulsory prerequisite, it does provide preparation for senior subjects such as Economics and Business and Communication Technologies. 

Business ultimately is all about being the best, the best product, the best service, the best marketing campaigns, the best subject. The spread of computerisation has forever changed the Business World and means you will require highly developed levels of business understanding, computing and technology literacy for your future lives. This course will make extensive use of the laptop program and focuses on developing a greater understanding of the marketing and promotion of business in our society through various technology advancements. Business Studies One focuses on the study of marketing and business communication and how ‘best practice’ in these fields leads to successful business models and outcomes. Business One and Two can be studied concurrently, consecutively or independently.

Being the best in business and having the best of the best includes the knowledge and application of financial understanding, margins and management. Undertaking this course you will make extensive use of the laptop program and focus on developing a greater understanding of the operation and importance of business in our economy and economies around the world. Business Studies Two focuses on the study of economics and financial management and how ‘best practice’ in these fields leads to successful business models and outcomes. Business One and Two can be studied concurrently, consecutively or independently.

No matter what country we live in, where we work or what we do, laws govern society and play a pivotal role in the way communities work. Legal Studies is guilty on all counts of evoking thought, challenging viewpoints and inspiring active contributors to our global society. This course looks at the impact of the Australian Legal System on Australian Society, understanding the need for laws and how these change over time in order to continually meet the changing needs and opinions. You will focus on four units of study including: ‘Law and Order v Real Life: How different is the media portrayal of law?’, ‘Youth, Police and The Law: What is expected of teenagers?’, ‘A Criminal Mind: Criminal Laws in Australia’, and ‘Contemporary Law: Law in the 21st Century’.

Legal Studies focuses on enhancing students’ ability to recognise the diverse legal situations and issues that arise in their everyday lives. These situations and issues often have legal implications that affect the rights and obligations of themselves and other community members. Students will gain knowledge to understand legal frameworks that regulate and shape society. Legal Studies enables students to formulate personal views of the world and understand how the law affects their world. Through critical analysis, examination and problem solving, they are empowered to make decisions that can benefit themselves and the community.

Offered in Year 11 and 12, Business Communication and Technologies offers students opportunities to engage in and understand a range of administrative practices through real-life situations and business simulations. Students examine the broader social, cultural and environmental implications of business activities with a focus on the essential skills of communication and the use of business-specific technologies. Business Communication and Technologies encompasses theoretical and practical aspects of business issues in contexts students will encounter throughout their lives. This course of study engages students in learning activities that require higher-order cognition to analyse, evaluate and propose recommendations from multiple perspectives across a range of business contexts. These activities build skills to enhance their confidence and ability to participate effectively as members of the business world and as citizens dealing with issues emanating from business activity. Business Communication and Technologies fosters intellectual, social and moral development by encouraging students to think critically about the role and ethical responsibilities of business to society. A significant feature of Business Communication and Technologies is its relevance to future pathways, as it provides useful knowledge and competencies for life. Through the analysis of business issues, the course of study provides rigour and depth and lays an excellent foundation for students in tertiary study and for their future employment. This subject may lead to employment in such areas as business administration, events administration, workplace health and safety or tertiary study in the fields of business, business management, accounting, events management and human resources.

Offered in Years 11 and 12, Economics is a study of how to use scarce resources in the best way possible. Households, businesses and governments are confronted with the economic problem of alternative uses of their limited resources. This course of study stresses the desirability of understanding the significance of economic events as well as the implications of individual, business and government economic decision-making. The emphasis is on the application of economic skills and concepts to the problems and issues facing Australian society. It helps senior students gain key employment skills and competencies and to participate effectively in, and contribute to, economic decision-making.

Being able to enrich our learning with real life situations and experiences is what makes Commerce special. These experiences range from compulsory incursions and excursions to optional trips and day-to-day learning opportunities in our very own Saint’s Café.

Some of our enrichment experiences include:

  • Visits to Magistrates/Supreme Court Houses
  • IKEA marketing and franchise case study
  • Customer Service Case Study at Noosa Civic
  • Workplace Health and Safety Assessment at Dreamworld
  • Police Visit during Law Week
  • Melbourne Enrichment Trip: Business on a National Scale
  • New York Enrichment Trip: Global Financial Capital

Offered in Year 11 and 12, the study of accounting enables students to understand the processes involved in generating, recording, classifying, analysing, interpreting and reporting accounting information as a basis for planning, control and effective decision making. This course is designed, not only to provide a foundation in the discipline of accounting, but also to prepare students for further education, training and employment. The subject offers scope and flexibility through the exploration of financial decisions and provides relevance for general education. Students are provided with opportunities to develop skills in managing financial resources which can be applied at a personal level and in the business environment. They are encouraged to think logically, to apply accounting principles in a consistent and effective manner, and to become independent learners. The changing processes of accounting practice are recognised, especially with respect to the development and use of new information and communication technologies. Students will use information technology to enable them to apply the accounting process in business. Completion of this course should enable students to participate more effectively and responsibly in a changing business environment. Accounting is designed for students in the senior phase of learning who have a special interest in business studies and in the management of financial resources.

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