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Co-curricular Music

Welcome to the Co-Curricular Music Department at St Andrew's Anglican College. Take your pick!  Any style from Bernstein to Beethoven to contemporary music, through almost any instrument or means of making music … St Andrew’s Anglican College is ready to help develop your child’s musical talents, even if they are only just ready to emerge!

The three core elements of music development for students through involvement with the College’s co-curricular music program are:

  • Private or (Group of 2 only) lessons - groups are by application only
  • Membership of one or more ensemble groups
  • Performance at various school and community events

This is the starting point for most students who wish to become involved with music. Lessons allow students the opportunity to learn an instrument, voice, and/or the theory (or musicianship) of music; these lessons are in addition to the classroom music curriculum delivered to all students until classroom music becomes an elective subject in Year 9.


Both private and group lessons (two students by application) are available. Lessons are primarily conducted during school hours, although in some cases other timings can be negotiated. Both group and private lessons are held on a half-hour basis, and are usually scheduled on a fixed day with a rotating timetable to ensure that students do not consistently miss the same classroom or other College activity.

The following instruments are available for lessons:

Students in Prep to Year 3

Voice Piano Violin

Students in Year 4 to Year 12

Voice Piano Flute Oboe
Clarinet Bass Clarinet Bassoon Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone Baritone Saxophone Trumpet French Horn
Baritone Trombone Tuba Percussion (tuned and untuned)
Violin Viola Cello Double Bass
Guitar Bass Guitar Bagpipes Euphonium

Availability of tuition includes consideration of physical aspects of the student so that a good match between the student’s potential and the instrument is achieved. Instrumental teachers and the College’s Music Department staff are able to provide advice in this area.

The music addressed during lessons includes training pieces to develop key skills, ensemble repertoire, formal pieces for those students choosing to undertake examinations (e.g. AMEB or Trinity Guildhall examinations), and other aspects of learning to effectively engage with music such as reading music notation, developing aural skills, and preparing for competitions such as the Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod (when the student is ready). The student’s instrumental music teacher provides advice about readiness and preparation for examinations and competitions.

To undertake lessons, the student’s parent must (a) complete online an “Expression of Interest” form, at which point the College will contact an appropriate member of the instrumental music staff, and then (b)agree to a Co-curricular Music Lesson Agreement via Parent Lounge. The Music Teachers Association of Queensland charges lessons at the fee set by the College in line with recommended rates. Currently lesson fees are:

  • $33.25 per half hour lesson for individual lessons
  • $23.25 per student per half hour lesson for a group of two

Please note: group lessons are considered by application only.

Weekly Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule 2017

The musical experience of instrumental/vocal lessons is best developed when working in conjunction with rehearsal and performance of music pieces in an ensemble. As such, lesson and ensemble membership work together to provide a balanced and guided education in music.

Concepts and techniques introduced in lessons are applied in the ensemble setting. Ensemble parts perfected at an individual level in lessons are then brought together to create the whole through the ensemble.

All students who undertake lessons are required to join one or more of the College’s ensembles, as advised by their instrumental music teacher in relation to readiness and potential. For most music students, the ‘step up’ to ensemble membership is eagerly sought, and once obtained is something they treasure due to the musical challenges presented, the camaraderie of working closely with their peers, and the opportunity for recognition of their skills through a variety of performances. The College provides a range of ensemble opportunities including:

Bands Choral (vocal) Strings Alternative Ensembles
Concert Band - Beginner / Intermediate Junior Singers 1-3 (Mixed) Youth Strings - Beginner Contemporary Band
Jazz Ensemble - Beginner / Intermediate Primary Choir 4-6 (Girls) String Ensemble - Beginner / Intermediate Rock and Pop Band
Wind Ensemble - Intermediate / Advanced Vocal Ensemble 4-6 (Boys) String Orchestra - Intermediate / Advanced Chamber Groups
Stage Band - Intermediate / Advanced College Choir 7-12 (Mixed) Chamber String Ensemble - Advanced (Invitation/Audition)  
Symphonic Band - Advanced (Invitation/Audition) Auditioned Vocal Ensemble (Invitation/Audition) Small Ensembles  
Jazz Orchestra - Advanced (Invitation/Audition)   Junior Guitar Ensemble  
Small Ensembles   Senior Guitar Ensemble  
Brass Ensemble   String & Mixed Chamber Groups  
Clarinet Ensemble      
Flute Ensemble      
Percussion Ensemble      
Saxophone Ensemble    
Mixed Chamber Groups      

The College will charge the parent/guardian a Co-Curricular music levy on their parent fee statement. To help address a portion of the cost of providing lessons, ensembles, additional opportunities, all students involved in co-curricular music a per term levy of $47.50 (Prep to Year 3), $65.00 (Yr 4-6) and $80 (Secondary); this assists the College with the cost of music, conductor’s fees, administrative work for Eisteddfods / camps and other related items. Students at the College are no longer required to pay a per term ensemble fee for each ensemble they are a member of.

All students enrolled into Co-Curricular music lessons will take part in an annual fundraiser held in Term One of each Year. Families will be emailed more information upon enrolment into lessons.

As musical development is greatly assisted by progress in aural skills, all students who are learning instruments are encouraged to consider joining a choral group as well as a relevant instrumental ensemble. Larger ensembles rehearse before/after school, while others may rehearse during the school day.

All students involved in the music program at St Andrew’s are encouraged to participate in a variety of performance opportunities. These opportunities to showcase the development of personal and ensemble music skills include:
  • School services such as Leadership Induction, ANZAC Day, Foundation Day, Remembrance Day, Secondary Presentation Evening, Year 4 - 6 Celebration of Learning, Primary Christmas Chapel
  • School events such as Assemblies, Chapel, Open Mic, St Andrew's Fair
  • School Music events such as workshops or masterclasses with special guests, Choral Soirée, Strings High Tea, Sounds of Swing, Sounds of Celebration.
  • Formal competitions such as the Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod, Queensland Music Festival, Aspire International Youth Music Festival, Australian International Music Festival
  • Formal examinations through official organisations such as the Australian Music Examinations Board and Trinity Guildhall
  • College music recitals to provide parents with an intimate showcase
  • Community events
  • Rehearsal Weekends
  • Music Camps
  • Music Tours

The main ambition of most musicians is, of course, to play. There is no shortage of the chance to do so in the Co-Curricular program at St Andrew’s.

Ready to play?!...

For further information about instrumental music / vocal lessons or ensemble groups, please contact the Music Office….

OR!... submit a completed “Expression of Interest” form (below) to the Music Office, and we will be in contact with further details about your allocated instrumental music teacher and other important information for your child to commence their journey into the world of music!


If you would like your child/ren to become involved with music beyond the classroom curriculum, and to potentially develop new talents, create broader social contacts, and enhance key skills for successful academic study, then please read further about how the co-curricular music program operates at St Andrew’s.  Please then contact us for further information.

Information Booklet - 2017

Conditions for Enrolment Information - 2017

Expression of Interest for Instrumental Lessons - 2018



St Andrew’s Music Department Staff

  • Director of Co-Curricular Music (Acting): Mrs Chelsey Eunson
  • Head of Music (Curriculum): Mr Cade Bonar
  • Classroom Music Teacher: Mrs Sarah Minns
  • Classroom Music Teacher: Mrs Vanessa Herriman
  • Head of Brass Teaching & Development : Miss Elena Katahanas
  • Music Office Administration: Mrs Sophie Wrigley


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