2019 Important Tennis dates

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Date Event
12 February Regional trial 13-19 Years Tennis
11 -12 June Regional Trial 10-12 Years Tennis

Tennis at St Andrew's has evolved into a very popular and professional Sport at the College.

  • Over 400 students taking part in group private or semi private lesson on a weekly basis before school or after school.
  • Every student from Prep - Year 10 will participate in 6 week unit of tennis every year.
  • In Years 4-10 tennis is taught to every student as a 6 week unit in PE.
  • In Years 5-12 students are also eligible to elect for Tennis as a Sport for a further 2 hours per week.
  • Over 1000 students at St Andrew’s play tennis every year.

Term 1 2019
All coaching classes will start the week beginning Could all existing academy members please confirm via email or telephone 0414494645 their  intention of continuing in the program and confirm the preferred day. Alternately you can click on following link to send your requests.  

Please note that 2018 Grand Slam Prep's will in 2019 graduate to the Hot Shot program where classes are from 3.15 - 4.15pm.
All new Students will need to fill out an enrolment forms located on tennis website

Sign on day and free coaching session St Andrew's will be holding a tennis sign on day. More details to follow:
A Free give away will be given to all students who participate sign on afternoon and go in a raffle to win cool prizes.
Private Lessons before or after school can be arranged directly with Glenn or Mark

To join in squads and enjoy hotshots sessions - click here 

Friendly matches with Barker College Sydney, Churchie, Brisbane and Scots College Sydney

School Enters over 25 Teams into the local NDTA weekend Junior fixtures

Three teams competed in the 2018 Brisbane International Primary School Team challenge - All 3 teams are through toe Queendland State FInals to be held in January 2019
U10 Brisbane International team Champions in 2015, U12 Runners Up

Yearly School Tennis Championships

Weekly Mums Tennis - role modelling great active healthy lifestyles at school

  • Hot Shots program 
  • Grand Slam Preps 
  • Numerous Squads - Futures, Challenger, Elite
  • Girls Tennis Breakfast programs each year to promote adolescent Girls ‘Well being’ - 
  • Holiday Tennis Clinics for Grand Slam Preps to Elite Players

Grand Slam Preps is the St Andrew's Anglican College Tennis Academy junior development starter program designed for Prep students. This gross motor and tennis program is designed for children between the ages of 4 to 6. The aim of the program is to develop balance, ball tracking, racquet awareness, basic strokes and direction through participating, learning and an active games based approach.

The key features of Grand Slam Prep's include:

  • Action packed 30 minute session times to maximise intensity and focus
  • A scaled-down court that is appropriate to their Preps size, strength and ability
  • Use of modified balls and mini nets to ensure every player is able to play the game of tennis
  • Games based lessons with a mixture of motor skills and tennis skills taught
  • Coach student ratio of 1:4

Racquets can be provided free of charge although it is recommended that students are fitted with a racket by their coach. There are three levels to pass before graduating to the future squads program.

Hot Shots is designed for children between the ages of 5 to 15 years old. The aim of the program is to have students rallying as soon as possible. A greater emphasis on technical skills continues to be developed, while tactics, scoring and match play will be introduced into sessions.

The key features of Hot Shots are:

  • Session times are increased to 60 minutes
  • Program is played on a full size court although soft ball will be used from time to time to assist in controlled rallying
  • All strokes are reinforced lesson after lesson
  • Coach student ratio of 1:6
  • Racquets can be provided free of charge although recommended that students get fitted by there coach.

Racquets can be provided free of charge although it is recommended that students are fitted with a racket by their coach. There are three levels to pass before graduating to the future squads program.

Future squads are for students aged 8 years and older as well as those who have graduated from the Hot Shots program. Players will learn how to add topspin and slice to their shots and develop consistency to their games. Futures is played on a full court with standard to tennis balls.

The key features of the Futures Program are:

  • Session times are increased to 60 or 90 minutes
  • Program is played on a full size court
  • All strokes with emphasis on Topspin and Slice for control 
  • Correct warming up principles, practicing and fitness for their tennis
  • All players will be encouraged to get involved in competition and local tournaments
  • Students develop their tennis skills and gain enjoyment from competing
  • Coach player ratio of 1:6

The Elite Tournament Program is performed by designated highly qualified coaches at the St Andrews Tennis Academy. Students are invited to form a specialised training program to further enhance their tennis development. The objective of the Elite Squad is to prepare juniors for state/ national point score tennis events, a system used by Tennis Australia. Emphasis of the squad structure will be to develop specific components of tennis development that juniors require to prepare for tournament play.

These components will include:

  • Technical Development - Developing all aspects of stroke production. Including sound bio-mechanical groundstrokes, serve & net game. Also emphasis will be placed on balance, footwork & strokes that will be sound under pressure situations
  • Tactical Development - Developing winning patterns of play, offensive & defensive strategies plus an awareness of how to compete against other players will be the main features of developing juniors tactically
  • Physical Development - The athletic attributes that tennis players today require are strength, speed, agility, flexibility & endurance
  • Team Environment - Creating a team dynamic atmosphere based on the values of co-operation, respect, discipline and enjoyment

The segments of the Elite Squad Program include:

  • Private Coaching
  • Technical coaching focusing on swing patterns for serve, forehand, backhand & net game. Coaches will also focus on tactical instruction involving an integration of physical, psychological and technical aspects of tennis and mentoring for juniors.
  • Group Training
  • Elite Squad members will train in groups of up to four (maximum). The emphasis on the group training is to bring the technical aspects of private coaching into group situation working on point play strategies.
  • Physical Development Training
  • The training program will be structured to address the following components that are needed to develop young athletes to succeed in tennis:
    • Screening - provided by Sports Physiotherapist, flexibility training, physical development training, speed and tennis footwork training, abdominal and trunk stabilising /strength training, aerobic training and training management advice
    • Tournament Observation and Management
  • Tournament planning will involve the following events:
    • Junior Tournaments
    • Local Round Robins
    • Participation Tournaments
    • Super Series
    • National Point Score Tournaments and other events

The Elite Squad training program also incorporates the world's most advanced video training solution, Dartfish.

For more information on St Andrew's Tennis please contact Mr Glenn Irwin on 0414494645