From the Principal

Dear St Andrew’s community

Following advice from different areas across the College as well checking our own legal obligations to provide a safe environment here at the College, we are implementing some important new changes from 2019 and we look forward to your support with these initiatives.

  • Whilst the College commences some programs at 7.00am under the direct supervision of staff, the College is not able to offer supervision in the grounds until 7.30am.
  • The Learning Hub however is open from 7am and students from Years 5 – 12 can access this facility for quiet reading or study.

Given we offer Outside Hours Care, we need to provide these students (who are St Andrew’s students) access to our playground.  Therefore, in the afternoon:

  • Parents are still expected to collect their children from our pick-up zones from 3pm -3.30pm.Parents who park and come in to collect are welcome to stay in the Primary playground area with their children as they chat with teachers or friends.We will have a member of staff on duty to ensure that on the odd occasion when parents are unable to pick up on time from the classroom, children are supervised.All students need to remain in the main primary playground and cannot access the area in front of F Block as this area is set aside for OHSC.
  • At 3.25pm, the teacher on duty will ask parents and children to vacate the playground, allowing access to the playground for our OSHC program.
  • Any primary students from Years 1 – 4 who are not collected by 3.25pm will be sent to our Main administration and parents will be contacted. (See separate Prep note from Cath Green)
  • Secondary students and students from Years 5 and 6 who are staying behind and not part of an organised program need to wait in either the Learning Hub or Piazza area (outside the Learning Hub).Parents need to be aware that if students leave the Hub, the College assumes they are leaving to parental supervision and therefore cannot be managed or supervised.
  • OSHC operates for all Primary school students if any of these expectations are unable to be met and we encourage parents to contact them directly.

Accessing Peregian Shopping Centre and the Peregian Fields:

  • We will have a member of staff on duty each afternoon ensuring students cross at the lights both on Peregian Springs Drive and Ridgeview Drive and not at any other unsafe spot e.g. further west on Peregian Springs Drive toward the main roundabout.
  • This member of staff will also walk over the Peregian Shopping Centre to ensure our students are behaving in a way that reflects our expectations.
  • If students are accessing the Peregian Fields for training of an afternoon, they will wait with a teacher at the bus stop and when their teacher/coach arrives they will walk over to the fields as a group.

In all of this, student safety is our number one priority and we look forward to your support.

Kind Regards

Chris Ivey