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TERM DATES for 2015

Term 1 - Wed 28 Jan - Thu 02 Apr
Term 2 - Mon 20 Apr - Fri 19 Jun
Term 3 - Mon 13 Jul - Fri 18 Sep
Term 4 - Tue 6 Oct – Wed 2 Dec

TERM DATES for 2016

Term 1 - Thu 28 Jan - Thu 24 Mar
Term 2 - Mon 11 Apr - Fri 17 Jun
Term 3 - Mon 11 Jul - Fri 16 Sep
Term 4 - Tue 4 Oct - Wed 30 Nov



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CROSS COUNTRY 2015 - dates

29th October - Prep-Year 2 Cross Country Carnival

P-2 Cross Country - Thursday 29th October
Perfect weather and beautiful conditions for a short healthy run!
Children will require their house shirt, sports hat and water bottle. Fresh fruit will be provided to all children after their event. Boost Juice will also be there with drinks available for purchase.

Order of events:
9am Year 1 – 600 meters
9.15am Prep – 600 metres
9.30am Year 2 – 1200 metres
Look out for some very special guests on the morning!

Congratulations to 41 St Andrew's students who have been named to compete for the Independent District at the Regional Cross Country event on Tuesday June 2nd. This is such a large number from the College and reflective of the hard work and commitment of the athletes. Best wishes all.

Dear all – Our runners were simply superb yesterday.

St Andrew's Cross Country has done the double - winning both the Primary and Secondary School Cross Country Champs for the 2nd year in a row. In the Secondary School it was an incredible team performance to beat Matthew Flinders in 2nd and Grammar in 3rd to win by our biggest margin. The St Andrew's Primary Cross Country team have won the Sunshine Coast Independent Schools Cross Country Championships for the 10th time. It was a stunning performance from the entire team to again beat Matthew Flinders in 2nd and Grammar in 3rd. Plenty of training and dedication from the team paid off. Thanks to families for all their support and Congratulations to the entire team on a fantastic performance. Overall scores are attached. Thank you to Wendy for her great work with the administration of the team. Thanks to Chris Grehan for his support yesterday too.

Primary Race results
Secondary Race results
Overall team scores

More Primary photos are here
More Secondary photos are here

It was wonderful to see students give 100%.The culture of running is very much an important part of St Andrew's and the way our students compete is reflective of the entire community. Special thank you to Nick Croft and Maree Bowen for their work each Tuesday morning. Thanks to the many staff who have instilled a sense of possibility and instil an enjoyment of running. Thank you to the many staff who role model so well with Kokoda and lead by example. This is undoubtedly a huge factor in our running culture.

Some of the key results are listed below:
Age Champions
9 years Boys – Toby Everard
13 years Boys - Josh Law
13 years Girls - Amber Kimmel
14 years Girls - Emily Lethbridge
Open Boys - Brodie Modini

Age Champion Runner Up
11 years Girls - Zaelia Dunsdon
12 years Boys - Jake Tolhoek
10 years Girls - Lola White
14 years Boys - Gus Luhrs
Open Boys - Alex Carey Foster
Open Girls - Lily Dolton

3rd place
11 years Girls - Jess Caffrey
9 years Girls - Lucia Donger
10 years Boys - Connor Meechan
11 years Boys - Luca Warman Flood
14 years Boys - Riley Modini
15 years Girls - Sarah Jackson
16 years Boys - Marc Mano

Age group placings
9 years Boys - 2nd
9 years Girls - 1st
10 years Boys - 1st
10 years Girls - 3rd
11 years Boys - 1st
11 Years Girls - 1st
12 years Boys - 2nd
12 years Girls – 2nd
13 years Boys – 1st
13 years Girls – 3rd
14 years Boys – 2nd
14 years Girls – 1st
15 years Boys -1st
15 years Girls – 1st
16 years Boys  – 1st
16 years Girls  – 2nd
Open Boys – 1st
Open Girls  – 1st

District Reps - 37
Josh Law, Amber Kimmel, Emily Lethbridge, Brodie Modini, Gus Luhrs, Alex Carey Foster, Lily Dolton, Riley Modini, Sarah Jackson, Marc Mano, Gus Powell, Nelly St Baker, Maddy Woodward, Matt Graham, Jakob Wollin, Elizabeth Shaw, Scarlet Rees, Brad Foulds, Rheece Powell, Sarah Dick, Connor Meechan, Ajae McDonald, Eric Hall Smith, Angus Campbell Balkin, Lola White, Tayla Jeffrey, Luca Warman Flood, Hamish Everard, Will Petersen, Cooper Langan, Dippy St Baker, Zaelia Dunsdon, Jess Caffrey, Abbi Weldon, Jake Tolhoek, Jolie Whan, Aurelia Donger

Primary Cross Country 2015
What a super morning of running – fantastic sportsmanship and a brlliant standard. Congratulations to each and every single runner who competed. Thanks also to the many families for the wonderful support. Hocknull House are Primary Cross Country Champions for 2015! more photos here

Run Club 2015

Run Club is for students in Year 2-12.
It takes place seach Tuesday morning at 7.15am on the back oval
This will take places every Tuesday trhoughout Term 1,2 and 3 and is run by our coach Nick Croft
click here to register your interest to attend

Pink Run 2014
Amazing to see a sea of Pink supporting a wonderful cause in our local community. Thanks to Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival for another super event for over 500 students to be involved with. More photos here

Noosa Kids Triathlon fun

Over 80 St Andrew's students took part in the biggest Noosa Kids Triathlon and had the best time! Well done everyone. More photos here

Prep - Year 3 X-Country 2014
What a fantastic morning of running! Congratulations to our littlest superstars. - So much fun! More photos here

Aquathon Champions 2014
Fantastic to see over 50 St Andrew's students involved in a brilliant event at Noosa. The students were superb and we won the Primary School Cup and the Secondary School Cup. More photos here

Regional Cross Country
Some incredible racing today at the Sunshine Coast Primary and Secondary Schools Regional Cross Country Championships and all 32 St Andrew's runners were terrific. This event involved the very best runners on the Sunshine Coast and is a selection event for the Qld Champs. Emily Lethbridge (13 years), Gus Luhrs (14 years) and Brodie Modini (16 years) were Age Champions of their respective events after superb runs to win their event. Incredibly 13 St Andrew's students are now off to the Queensland Championships after gaining selection - Luca Warman Flood, Zaelia Dunsdon, Jolie Whan, Amber Kimmel, Emily Lethbridge, Maddie Woodward, Brodie Modini, Tyler Kiernan, Cecilia Luhrs, Lily Dolton, Annabel Lemmey, Sarah Dick and Gus Luhrs. Congratulations to all runners and thank you for the wonderful support from families.

More photos are here

A massive congratulations to our amazing Cross Country team who did the double  winning both the Sunshine Coast Independent Primary Schools and Secondary Schools Cross Country. It was brilliant team performance. The Primary Team have won the carnival for the last 7 years and this year beat Sunshine Coast Grammar into 2nd and Matthew Flinders in 3rd. The Secondary team have never won this event but this year were incredible beating Matthew Flinders in 2nd and Sunshine Coast Grammar in 3rd. The runners have worked unbelievably hard under the guidance of Nick Croft. Our students are truly amazing! More photos here

Congratulations to individual District Champions:

10 years Girls Zaelia Dunsdon,12 years Girls Amber Kimmel, 13 years Girls Emily Lethbridge, Open Girls Cecila Luhrs, 14 years Boys Angus Luhrs, 16 years Boys Brodie Modini
A large number of St Andrew's students will now go on to represent the District at the Regional Carnivals.
Every age group placed in the top 3 placings with 11 teams winninhg out of the 18 age groups:
We placed 1st in the following age groups: 9 boys, 9 girls, 10 boys, 11 boys, 12 girls, 13 girls, 14 boys, 14 girls, 15 boys, 16 boys , Open Girls
We placed 2nd in the following age groups: 10 girls,11 girls, 12 boys 15 girls, 16 girls
We placed 3rd in the following age groups: 13 boys and Open Boys

2014 Independent District Results
9-12 years events results - here
13-19 years events results - here
Primary age groups and overall scores here
Secondary age groups and overall scores here

Queensland All Schools Cross Country

Our Cross Country team were again superb at the huge Qld All Schools Event in Brisbane on the 10th May Toby Everard picked up individual bronze as did Brodie Modini. Our 10 years Boys team picked up team Gold in a field of over 100 runners.

It was a silver day for St Andrew's with four superb teams picking up silver medalsat the Queensland Schools Cross Country Relay Championships in Yatala - South Brisbane. Congratulations to our 9 years Boys, 10 years Boys, 12 years Girls and 13 years Girls who all picked up Queensland medals.

Secondary House Cross Country

Thank you to all our terrific Secondary students for our best ever Secondary House Carnival which took place in perfect conditions. There was a really great atmosphere and there was lots of smiles and a wonderful sense of achievement from so many of our fantastic students. The level of running was incredible and the participation rate was huge. Well done to all involved.

Congratulations to Rafter who retained the trophy and they have done the double this year with both Primary and Secondary winning for the second year in a row. Williamson were 2nd, Burkett were 3rd and Hocknull in 4th. Congratulations to Burkett who won the House Duck. Best wishes to all team members who will represent the College in a number of upcoming events.
more photos are here

Secondary House Cross Country - Tuesday 15th April - rescheduled
It was all Rafter last year at the Secondary Cross Country carnival. They were overall winners and had the highest participation rate. Will they repeat this again year? All will be revealed next Monday afternoon at the 2014 Secondary House Cross Country Carnival. There are a couple of time changes for age groups. Looking forward to a superb afternoon of Cross Country running.

Primary Cross Country
Who will pick up the trophy?
who will achieve a personal goal?

click here to read more info about Cross Country in 2013

House Champions - Cross Country
Year Primary Secondary
2003 Goolagong / Poole
2004 Poole
2005 Rafter Rafter
2006 Rafter Hocknull
2007 Boyle Hocknull
2008 Burkett Rafter
2009 Hocknull Williamson
2010 Hocknull Hocknull
2011 Burkett Hocknull
2012 Hocknull Williamson
2013 Rafter Rafter
2014 Rafter Rafter
2015 Hocknull Rafter