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TERM DATES for 2014

Term 1 - Wed 29 Jan - Fri 28 Mar
Term 2 - Mon 14 Apr - Fri 20 June
Term 3 - Mon 14 Jul - Fri 19 Sep
Term 4 - Tue 7 Oct - Wed 3 Dec

TERM DATES for 2015

Term 1 - Wed 28 Jan - Thu 02 April
Term 2 - Mon 20 Apr - Fri 19 June
Term 3 - Mon 13 Jul - Fri 18 Sep
Term 4 - Tue 6 Oct – Wed 2 Dec




Welcome to 1EH!

Updated Saturday 22 November 2014

I would like to welcome you to the 1EH class webpage. Please check this webpage each week for important reminders, class news, birthdays, class awards and dates to remember. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any matter with me please contact me.

Warm Regards,
Liz Hammacott
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Class News

New! Homework
This week will be our last week of homework for the year. Could I also please ask that all home readers are returned by this Thursday 27 November so we can ensure all books are back ready for stocktake. Thank you for your support of our Year 1 homework program.

New! Christmas Concert and Year 1 End of Year Celebration
This Friday 28 November is our Primary School Christmas Chapel, commencing at 8:40am. We will also be holding a Year 1EH end of year celebration in our classroom on this day at 2:30pm. We will be viewing our class DVD and also showing you a few other special things. We would love if you could join us for these two special events. 
New! Christmas Bags
As we are approaching the festive season could I please ask that your child brings in an A4 size Christmas giftbag to use to collect any Christmas cards/gifts given to them. The children will then take these home on the last day of school. Thank you in advance.

New! Secret Santa
All children in Year 1EH are invited to participate in our class Secret Santa activity. A note will be going home early next week to explain the details. This activity is designed to encourage the children to show kindness and thoughtfulness during the Christmas festive season. As a class, we have discussed how we can show our kindness and we have decided on the following ideas:

- Gifts may be made or created by the students
- If you prefer to purchase a gift, please ensure the gift is under $10

Semester 2 Interviews

Parents are invited to have a Parent/Teacher interview to inform you of the academic and social/emotional progress of your child for this semester.  15 minute time-slots will be available between Monday 17 November and Friday 28 November for you to meet with your child’s teacher. This is in Week 7 and 8 of Term Four. The Parent/Teacher Interviews booking system, accessible via Parent Lounge, will be open from Monday 3rd to Friday 12th November for you to book your appointment time.

End of year DVD

I have begun preparing an end of year photo compilation to celebrate our special time together in 1EH. If you would like a copy of this presentation, please send a named USB to school no later than week 6. I will also be planning a little get together in class to view this presentation - watch this space for more details to come. Thank you!

Homework Spelling Activities
This term the Year 1 Homework Program will continue to include a compulsory additional spelling activitiy each week. The children may choose this additional spelling activity each week from those listed on a spelling activity table glued in the front of your child's homework book. Each week the children should be completing home readers, spelling practise, a spelling activity, an inquiry question and Reading Eggs and Mathletics tasks. There is a checklist with all of these tasks listed glued in the front of your child's homework book. Could we please ask that this checklist is ticked off and signed each week when the homework activities are completed. Many thanks for your cooperation. 

Parent Helpers - Term 4

We will hold a ‘Reading to an Adult’ program on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:45am – 9:15am. During these sessions, parent helpers will read one-on-one with students and ask students related comprehension questions.

We will also be running our Maths Rotations on a Friday morning from 9:40am – 10:20am (after Chapel). If you are able to assist, please write your name on your chosen day/s on the roster outside our classroom. Your help is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you in our classroom!

Show and Tell

To assist with speaking and listening skills, 1EH will once again be taking part in a structured class talks program this term, entitled ‘Show and Tell’. The sessions are intended to be fun, positive and supportive experiences, enabling confidence to be fostered.


As in previous terms, each child will be placed into a class roster (on either odd or even weeks) and will prepare an item for ‘Show and Tell’ on the Monday of their allocated week. A selection of topics has been outlined to assist each child (and parents) at home. Your child does not have to share an item on each odd or even week; however, at least two items for sharing per term is beneficial.


We encourage parents to discuss the topics with their children in order to allow them to decide on a topic of interest. Some planning/discussion about your child’s topic prior to the presentation is encouraged, so that your child is well-prepared to share his/her item with the class.


Children may talk for approximately 2 minutes and I will be encouraging the following aspects:


- Speaking clearly

- Eye contact with the class

- Using interaction skills such as turn taking and asking questions to the speaker

Your child will receive the roster and a list of suggested topics during Week 1 of Term 4.

I look forward to some wonderful presentations by the children.

Mathletics and Reading Eggs Log On
It would be wonderful if you could practise logging on to Mathletics and Reading Eggs with your child. We use these programs during our week at school and it would be beneficial if the children were confident with this process so we can maximise our time using these programs on the computers. Thanks in advance for your help.

School Banking
Please note that our school banking day is Tuesday. The remaining weeks for school banking in Term 4 are:

Please note that the Primary School uniform lost property bucket will now be in the Uniform Shop. The Primary Office will still hold lunchboxes and drink bottles. If your child has lost a school item, please direct them to the relevant areas.

Dates to Remember:
Friday 14 November - Year 1 Fairytale Ball
Friday 28 November - Primary Christmas Chapel 
Wednesday 3 December - Last day of Term 4

Year 1EH Timetable
Monday - Assembly (parents welcome), Music
Tuesday - Christian Education, Languages (Chinese) and Information Technology
Wednesday - Art (even weeks), P-3 Sport (red sports uniform to be worn)
Thursday - HPE (coloured House shirt to be worn) and Library
Friday - Chapel, Fun Friday, Buddies and PEP 

1EH Birthdays
Happy birthday to the following students who celebrate their birthday in the months of October, November and December:
Malachi, Jake, Alex, Annabelle, Maddie W and Georgia. We hope you all have a wonderful day!

Assembly Award for Week 6  - Georgia. Keep up the great work! 
Class V.I.P awards for Week 6  - Amani and Jett. Well done!

Year 1 Curriculum: Term 4


Text type focus: Narrative writing

Letterland Sequence:

1. ow, ou
2. ee, ea

3. ai, ay

4. ao, ow (own)

5. ie, igh

6. ue, ew

7. air, ear
8. aw au


Our main focus in Year 1 is to revise understanding of all aspects of the numbers 1-20 and beyond. This means writing the numbers correctly, understanding positions/order and value as well as addition and subtraction. Along with number we will also be looking at patterning, shapes, units of measurement and probability.

Term 4:

Data, Graphs and Chance

They independently:

  • Classify the outcomes of simple familiar events (e.g. they describe the likelihood of it raining during the lunch hour at school using everyday language such as will happen, won’t happen or might happen)
  • Identify chance events where the outcomes are certain or impossible (e.g. say that it is impossible for Friday to follow Saturday)

Explain why some events can be judged as impossible (or certain) using past experiences (e.g. say that rolling a number less than 10 on a normal dice is certain because every number on the dice is less than 10).


They independently:

  • Carry out simple additions to 10 using counting strategies.
  • Carry out simple subtractions using counting strategies.
  • Explain what they have done.


Making and Sharing Groups


Time and Location

They independently:

use the language of direction to move from place to place. (e.g. they give and follow directions to familiar locations or on a model or map, using terms such as in front of, on top of, beside).

They independently:

  • Identify and describe times to the half-hour on analogue clocks (e.g. describe the placement of the hands on analogue clocks to display times such as 4:30)

Identify and describe times to the half hour on digital clocks (e.g. say that times such as 7:30 can be read as half past seven and also as seven thirty).


They independently:

  • Identify and describe representations of one half and distinguish them from situations where the two parts are not equal (e.g. identify that one apple has been cut into two equal pieces but another has been cut into two unequal parts; choose one of the halves and say that the unequal parts cannot be called halves)

Identify small collections that can be shared into two equal parts (e.g. say that collections of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 can be divided into halves).

Revision and Assessment


HISTORY - Exploring Family Life in the Past
During this unit, students will learnt that adults are valuable sources of information about the past, and they continue to investigate the differences and similarities between their own lives and life during their parents’ and grandparents’ time. Students will identify similarities and differences in leisure activities in the past and today.  They will also discuss aspects of childhood that have changed over time.

SCIENCE - Spot the Difference

Changes are happening all around us. Chocolate melts in the sun, water evaporates from puddles and cement hardens in the open air. Predicting the changes that can happen to everyday materials is important in understanding the best way to manage things such as, food handling and cooking, construction and packaging. The Spot the Difference unit is an ideal way to link science with literacy in the classroom. By observing change, students glimpse the diversity of materials in their world. Students explore change through the context of food including spaghetti, chocolate and popcorn.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

For the Year One Curriculum Parent Guide, please click here. For St Andrew's Primary School curriculum, teaching and learning questions, please contact Sue Bambling at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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