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Fri, Sep 4th, 2015, @7:30amPrimary Father's Day Breakfast & Chapel ServiceFather's Day Breakfast Chapel in the RGC: Breakfast commences at 7:30am and Chapel commences at 8:40am.
Mon, Sep 7th, 2015, @8:30amCulminating Activity DayCulminating Day to be held in Primary Classrooms at various times. Year level times will be emailed.
Sun, Sep 13th, 2015, @8:30amYear 6 Canberra Tripto be held from 13 September - 17 September 2015
Fri, Oct 23rd, 2015, @8:30amPrep Camp Day
Fri, Nov 6th, 2015, @8:30amYear 1 Camp Day
Wed, Nov 11th, 2015, @10:00amRemembrance Day Serviceto be held in the RGC 10.00-10.40am
Fri, Nov 27th, 2015, @8:40amPrimary School Christmas Chapelto be held in the RGC
Mon, Nov 30th, 2015, @8:30amYear 6 Celebration Day to Wet 'N' Wild
Tue, Dec 1st, 2015, @6:30pmPrimary Presentation Evening (Year 4 - Year 6)to be held in the RGC 6.30pm - 8.30pm


40 Peregian Springs Dr, Peregian Springs, QLD, 4573

PH: 07 5471 5555

TERM DATES for 2015

Term 1 - Wed 28 Jan - Thu 02 Apr
Term 2 - Mon 20 Apr - Fri 19 Jun
Term 3 - Mon 13 Jul - Fri 18 Sep
Term 4 - Tue 6 Oct – Wed 2 Dec

TERM DATES for 2016

Term 1 - Wed 27 Jan - Thu 24 Mar
Term 2 - Mon 11 Apr - Fri 17 Jun
Term 3 - Mon 11 Jul - Fri 16 Sep
Term 4 - Tue 4 Oct - Wed 30 Nov




Welcome to 1LS!

Hello! My name is Mrs Stiller and I am very excited to be a part of so many beautiful children's learning journeys. We are going to have so many amazing learning adventures together in 1LS. We will be very busy this year investigating, exploring, discovering and creating many super things. We will also do wonderful activities during our Literacy and Maths groups.

You will be able to access all of the exciting and wonderful things we do in Year 1 through our class web page.

Please check it regularly for all of the latest news and beautiful photos of your children.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at lstiller This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Take care and keep smiling!

UPDATED: Sunday 30th August 2015



The 1LS children looked amazing in their Aussie costumes on Friday during our special school Book Week Parade.  Thank you so much for assisting with the costumes, they looked incredible! The children have written recounts of the event and there are some gorgeous photos to match. Thank you Anthony and Deborah!


The children loved meeting Tom and Lesley from Letterland, who were visiting from England. They impressed them with all their Letterland knowledge and amazing writing and spelling ability. Well Done 1LS Clever Cats!



This week our focus is on our lovely Dads! On Thursday, the children will bring part of their Father’s Day present home. If your child’s Dad or special friend is coming to the breakfast...we would love to see all their gifts being worn! Much love and effort has been put into these creations. The children and I would also like to invite our super Dad's and special friends back to our classroom after chapel as we have some special messages for them and you are most welcome to stay during investigations to work alongside your child!



Friday 4 September - Father's Day Breakfast and Chapel

Friday 11 September - Tewantin Chapel
Monday14 September – Celebration of Learning, Culminating Activity





For the children to;

  • - Recognise the sounds oo (book), oo (moon), a (Africa), a (after), ould (could)
  • - Compare a new text to a text they have already read
  • - Use strong words to emphasis a point of view in persuasive writing

eg surely, must, definitely, certainly, should

  • - To use question marks in writing


For the children to;

  • - Use the near doubles strategy to add
  • - Explain their thinking after adding numbers
  • - Add zero
  • - Add three numbers
  • - Use the think 10 strategy to add 3 or more numbers


For the children to;

  • - To explore different types of clouds
  • - To explore different time frames of change in our environment


For the children to;

  • - Compare different natural environments in Australia
  • - Explore the natural and built features of Western Australia and Northern Territory


TEXT TYPE FOCUS: Persuasive writing


This term we will continue to become super spellers by studying more digraphs and spelling rules.

Letterland Sequence, Term 3:

1. Test next 50 spelling (150 Magic Spelling)

2. all (ball), al (always)

3. ar (star), or (short)

4. er (river), o saying u (love)

5. ur (purple), e saying ay (they), kn (know)

6. ir (first), wr (write)

7. oy (toy), oi (soil)

8. oo (boot), oo (foot)

9. a (after), a (Africa), ould (would)

10. Test next 50 spelling (200 Magic Spelling)


1. Shape (understanding properties and identifying 2D shapes)

2. Shape (identifying and sorting 3D objects)

3. Fractions: Equal Parts of Shape (identifying a half and making equal parts)

4. Numbers and Place Value to 100 (making and counting to 100, identifying one more and one less)
5. Numbers and Place Value to 100 (comparing and ordering numbers, identifying before, after and between)

6. Addition Strategies (using near doubles to add)

7. Addition Strategies (showing and making addition facts on ten frames)

8. Subtraction Strategies (understanding comparison stories and subtracting with 0, 1, 2)

9. Revision

10. Assessment


Australia is a vast place. Each student will investigate where Australia is situated on Earth and the states, territories and major cities that Australian’s inhabit. They will explore how the location of these natural and built areas can affect the weather and seasons of places. Each student will inquire about Australia’s natural and constructed wonders and the best ways we can manage these so that they are conserved for future generations.

SCIENCE – Earth and Space

Look out your window and you will see a constantly changing world. The sun rises and sets and the sky reflects many different hues over a day. The landscape and everything we know about the environment began by observing it. Environmental modelling, space exploration and city planning all rely on careful observations of the land and sky.  This unit provides opportunities for students to explore natural, made and managed features that undergo change. Through outdoor observations and photographic records, students investigate the daily, weekly and seasonal changes in their local environment.


*Coming soon

*Coming soon


For the Year 1 2015 Curriculum Parent Guide, please click here. For St Andrew's Primary School curriculum, teaching and learning questions, please contact Sue Bambling, Primary Teaching and Learning Leader at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


This year our lovely ESO's, Mrs Mercer and Mrs Switzer, have been a fantastic addition to our Year 1 Classrooms. Their role is to enable the best model of support to cater for the diverse learning needs of students including those needing support or extension.

This includes supporting groups in:

·       reading strategies

·       writing in specific genres

·       handwriting and fine motor skills

·       weekly spelling and phonics combinations

·       mathematical concepts

They also provide one to one support to assist children to achieve individual learning goals. They provide feedback to the teachers on a weekly basis which link to our Literacy and Numeracy Learning Intentions.

If you require any information regarding your child's progress please feel free to make a time with your child's teacher and we can discuss their progress.









- Assembly
- Christian Studies


- Art

(even weeks)

- Music

- Library

- Chinese

- P-3 Sport

- Physical Ed

(coloured shirt)



- Chapel

- Year 5 Buddies




Monday - Red shirt

Tuesday - Red shirt

Wednesday - Red shirt
Thursday - Coloured house shirt 
Friday - Red shirt



Thank you to all of the lovely parents who have volunteered to help and assist the children with their Literacy learning during our Reading Groups. Please, please if you are available during any of the below times your help would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to many more parent names appearing on our Parent Helper Roster on our front door. Thank you!

Monday: 9.45am - 10.25am

Tuesday: 11.00am – 11.40am

Wednesday: 8.40am – 9.20am

Thursday: 2.15pm - 2.55pm


Being creative with our Year 5 buddies. Constructing the Sydney Oper House using paper plates!

We had a great time working with the Chinese visitors.

We had a super time on our Year One excursion! Many laughs were had watching Stripey. He sure took us all on an eggscellent adventure. The children wrote some detailed recounts once returning to school.


I would just like to ask for your assistance with regards to helping your child get “OSCAR ORGANISED” for the day. Could I please ask that your child:

1. Unpacks all their belongings in the morning. For example: they take out their Red Fred Bag, Reading Folder and check for any notes and put them in the appropriate boxes / chair bag.

2. Also to put his/her brain food (fruit), morning tea and lunch in the correct boxes/fridge.

3. After they have done this could you please encourage your child to sharpen his / her pencils each day.

This procedure benefits the children immensely and gets them prepared for the days learning events.

When your child finishes sharpening their pencils they can then choose to play outside on the playground or go to our lounge area either to read a book, access the computers or play with the resources that have been put out on the mat. Thank you for encouraging your child to the mat area as our learning centres have been set up for our investigations.



Most of you are probably old hands at providing junk materials to stimulate the creative spirit of your child!  Year One children are very good at recycling and would appreciate greatly any of the following; egg cartons, buttons, lolly wrappers, plastic lids, sequins, glitter, yoghurt containers, cardboard rolls, pieces of tinsel, ribbon, tissue boxes, small and large boxes, old birthday cards, magazines etc…

Please place any of the listed items in the big silver box marked “Construction”. It is hidden under our collage trolley. Thank you!


Click on the links below to take you straight to these great websites!


Kind regards,

Lara Stiller

Year 1LS Class Teacher