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Students in Queensland are provided the opportunity to obtain a Queensland Certificate of Education (known as the QCE) which is an official record of education and training qualifications completed during secondary school (and in some cases in the years after completing Year 12). 

Students obtain their QCE by completing various education and/or vocational training programs.  These programs not only provide students with their QCE but also form their pathway towards obtaining tertiary entrance scores and/or vocational education qualifications. 

At St Andrew’s, our Tertiary and Careers program is designed to assist students in planning their Senior Years schooling to prepare themselves for their futures, whether initially aiming for further study or movement into the workplace.

The best way to start this journey is to explore the St Andrew’s Careers Website.

This site assists students in identifying the qualifications required for the occupations they might wish to pursue. The website contains a wealth of information, not only about specific occupations and further education and training, but also about the process of narrowing down options to a manageable number of alternative pathways for consideration during Years 11 and 12 in readiness to apply for tertiary study or work.

The website also contains valuable information for parents to enable them to support and assist in this process of reflecting upon and preparing for post-Secondary options. 

Planning for post-Secondary options commences with students developing a Career Plan (also called a SET plan) in the Student’s Secure Area on the St Andrew’s Careers Website. SET planning collates key information provided by the student, provides students with a range of career options matching the details they have provided, then encourages students to further explore these possibilities. Although the process can be time-consuming, the quality of the information generated by the website is directly proportional to the student’s effort in completing their profile…more is gained if the process is taken seriously and fully addressed. 

St Andrew’s also offers pathways for students not pursuing an OP (Overall Position: relevant to students completing Year 12 in 2019), or an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank: relevant to students completing Year 12 from 2020).  These pathways are addressed by the College’s Vocational Education and Training department that oversees the provision of Certificate and Diploma courses as well as access to traineeships and apprenticeships.   

Young people have so many wonderful educational and career opportunities to choose from that it can be difficult to determine what goals to set and pursue. St Andrew's takes a holistic view on career pathways; each student is different and consideration of each student's interests, strengths, capabilities, values and life goals are important in helping them to find their direction. Throughout their journey in these senior years, students are exposed to opportunities to gain insight and knowledge on possible future occupations. Building student awareness of the importance of developing their confidence, communication skills, relationship building and teamwork skills will stand them in good stead when entering the workforce.

St Andrew's Anglican College has an extensive Careers Program which includes:

Career and self-exploration Computer generated career matching system Setting career goals and determining pathways
Investigating tertiary options, courses, prerequisite subjects and institutions Assisting students to develop a personal Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan Providing individual counselling sessions for Years 10, 11 and 12 students and parents for senior subject selection
Arranging visits to the school by professionals to discuss their careers Accompanying students to various career expos, University and TAFE open days and on industry visits Structured Workplace Learning for all Year 10 students (Term 4)
Establishing strong partnership links with various local community organisations Providing information on university application and admission processes St Andrew's Career website (www.standrewscareers.com) for career lessons, templates, documents and more

The majority of students from St Andrew’s set their main goal as application to multiple tertiary institutions in Queensland, interstate and overseas. To this end, the College’s academic programs endeavor to cater for a variety of needs and career ambitions. 

Students wishing to apply for acceptance to tertiary study must obtain the necessary results for their preferred courses and tertiary institutions.  Student results for tertiary entrance can be:

  • OP Score: this is relevant only to students completing Year 12 in 2018 or 2019
  • ATAR Score: this is relevant to students completing Year 12 from 2020 onwards
  • Single-course Direct Entry: this requires the student to complete a Vocational Education & Training qualification


OP (Overall Position): most students wanting to submit applications for tertiary study after Year 12 will work towards obtaining an OP score.  To obtain an OP score, students must study at least five OP-eligible subjects, with at least three studied for their full two years of Year 11 and 12.  Students must also complete the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) tests unless exempted through application on medical or other grounds from doing so. 

ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank): this replaces the OP for students completing Year 12 from 2020.  The ATAR, like the OP, will be determined from each student’s top five subjects.  In the ATAR system, the QCS tests will no longer be conducted, being replaced with external assessment conducted in each subject. 

Single-course Direct Entry: some tertiary institutions will, for some of their courses, accept other qualifications as the basis for application for tertiary study.  These qualifications include Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma level study and training. 

Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC): the role of QTAC is to provide a central tertiary application and processing system.  To explain this system, QTAC publishes comprehensive information to students and parents including an online search function which details the prerequisites for each tertiary course in each tertiary institution in Queensland.  Other states and territories have similar organisations and access to key details, accessible from these websites:





SA and NT

Western Australia

UMAT: for students considering study in Medicine after Year 12, the MedEntry exams (known as UMAT) are usually required to be taken in Year 12 as a pre-requisite for some Medical courses at various universities in Australia and New Zealand.  UMAT can also assist students to gain entry into a number of other Health Services courses.  More information is available on the UMAT website.

Vocational Education & Training

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