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Within the Primary School at St Andrew's we have created an atmosphere which is safe and supportive for each and every student. We firmly believe that for a child to achieve their very best both in and out of the classroom they must be happy.

The 'You Can Do It' program is implemented across the Primary School. By developing specific skills in the areas of Organisation, Getting Along, Persistence, Confidence and Resilience we are creating more successful learners and happier students. The benefits of this program are evident everyday. We are visited by the 'You Can Do It' characters often in the Primary School, and every day the students have an opportunity to earn themselves a 'You Can Do It' raffle ticket with weekly prizes to be won.

The staff in the Primary School are quick to identify the social - emotional needs of the students in their care and these needs are addressed through small group and individual programs. For example the Seasons for Growth program is offered to our students who have experienced loss through separation, divorce or death and social skills groups are organised when needs arise.

To find out more about Student Wellbeing in the Primary School, please contact our Deputy Heads of Primary, Ms Catherine Green (Prep to Year 3) or Mr Ben Dean (Years 4 to 6).

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