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The students of the Primary School have the opportunity to hold a number of Leadership positions, including those of Primary School Captains and Assistant Captains, Primary School Leaders and Assistant Leaders, and Primary House Leaders and Assistant Leaders.

Elected students are guided and managed by the Primary School staff so that they grow in confidence and ability in order to perform their duties creditably. The leaders have the opportunity to participate in a number of leadership workshops throughout the year both within the school and with Primary Leaders from other schools.

These are excellent learning experiences for the students as they learn important skills to assist them in their leadership roles within the Primary School; such skills as communication, teamwork, conflict resolution and role modelling. Throughout the year, the students are educated about the need to grow in knowledge and practical skills of leadership. It is expected that the students will make a positive contribution to the Primary School.

In addition to the Primary School Leadership, the College also has a Student Council within the Primary School. This is an important leadership group, as it gives the students greater participation in the decision making process and functioning of the school. Members of the Student Council are able to have a forum to discuss any issues which have been raised in class discussions, as well as being an avenue to discuss general school issues.

With meetings held fortnightly, the aim of the Student Council is to:

  • Represent the student body
  • Provide a means for the students to express their opinions as to how the school could improve
  • Co-ordinate the student activities within the school
  • Develop a sense of community service amongst the student body
  • Provide feedback to the students, staff and wider school community on relevant issues, activities and decisions.
  • Report to the student body at relevant assemblies


Membership of the Student Council includes:

  • All elected Primary School Leaders
  • One male from each class in Years 5
  • One female from each class in Years 5

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