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This is where you will be able to access all the information you will need to know about our 2017 Primary Musical.

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Thursday 25 May - Term 2 Week 5 Update

Hello Musical Families,

Our Week 5 rehearsal saw us continue our dancing and it was great to have Year 4 back in revising what we learnt the previous week. We will continue dancing again in Week 7, when everybody is back for a full cast rehearsal on Friday 2 June. This is also the day I would love to see the parents at 4.30pm to discuss costumes and props. I’d like to especially thank Elizabeth Ivey for all her hard work with costume organisation and Ian Martin for his amazing building skills. Thanks for seeing and understanding my vision!

This week on Friday 26 May, we only need the speaking parts for Act Two. The rest of you can have a day off to get ready for the Fair!

We are performing at the Fair on Saturday the 27th and the children have been asked to meet me at 12:05pm at Mrs Cleyne's Chinese room in order to have a warmup and then be on stage at 12:25pm. The cast have been asked to wear their red Music shirts and black pants with black socks and shoes. This is only if they have already been in an ensemble in the day and of course have a Music shirt.  If they are not in another ensemble and do not have a Music shirt, please have your child wearing black pants, socks and shoes and their red sports shirt. As we didn't get to perform on Grandparents Day, this is our first time showing our opening scene and we are all very excited.

As I said earlier, we were dancing our hearts out last week in the studio and everyone did a good job but I'd like to especially thank you Luella Ball, Abigail Beeche, Daniella Collinge, Ava Covell, Abby Dryden, Naomi Elley, Keelan Gaul, Tillie Green, Zoe Guard, Zach Gurry, Alex Hancock, Rose Laflamme, Ivy Robinson and Abbie Tolhoek.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you at the Fair!

Warm regards,

Heather Swift


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