Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

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St Andrew’s Anglican College is a vibrant, caring and compassionate community that provides opportunities for children to grow, develop and flourish in each dimension of their lives.

The College takes a broad-based holistic approach to the educational, social and emotional growth of each child, from their very first day in the Little Saints Early Learning Centre to the day they graduate from Secondary School and move into their futures at the completion of Year 12. 

Our House-based pastoral care system provides students with a sense of connection and belonging in our College Community. Each staff member and student belongs to one of the four Houses – Burkett, Hocknull, Rafter, and Williamson and through their time at the College, students have the support of a dedicated home group teacher and their Head of House.  Our two Deans of Students provide an additional level of Pastoral Care support to students, staff and parents, alongside our College Psychologist.

In addition to their weekly Home Group sessions, students participate in a dedicated My Wellbeing class where they develop skills and knowledge in positive health practices. Students also have a range of opportunities to build relationships, develop social skills, practice ethical decision-making, and grow their resilience through Camps and Retreats, Service Learning, Academic Care Reviews, Inter-House competitions and special events such as our Foundation Day celebrations.

Students at St Andrew’s Anglican College should find that their Home Room Teacher is their greatest friend and helper at the College. The Home Room Teacher will get to know the student and their parents so that they can be ready to assist their group of students with personal or academic issues, concerns and guidance. They also monitor student uniforms, organisation and diary use.

The arrangement of pastoral care groups at the College provides for each student to meet each day with their Home Group, consisting of students from Years 7-12 and the teacher of their Home Group. The same Home Group Teacher stays with the same Group where possible throughout Secondary school years, fostering a sense of connectedness and belonging for their students.

The Heads of House are responsible for the pastoral care needs and social and emotional development of students in their House. They provide opportunities for students to build resilience, empathy and grit, and work alongside students to ensure they meet the day to day expectations of the College.

The Head of House guides students from Year 7 through to graduation, and takes care to monitor academic, extra-curricular and personal growth, along with their wellbeing. The Heads of House assist Home Group Teachers in their daily role and act as a conduit for information flow between parents, Home Group Teachers, Classroom teachers, Deans of Students and the Head of Secondary regarding their House students.

Mrs Penny Sargeant

Burkett House

Mr Shaun Cleary

Hocknull House

Mr Jim Scott

Rafter House

Ms Lauren Norbury

Williamson House

The Deans of Students oversee all aspects of Pastoral Care at St Andrew’s Anglican College. They support Heads of House to monitor the wellbeing of students, and work alongside students and their families to meet our community expectations. The Deans of Students also coordinate transition camps and facilitate leadership opportunities for all students.

Mr Andrew Linthorne                    Mr Cameron Piper 

                            Dean of Students - Middle Years                                Dean of Students - Senior Years

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