Outdoor Education

St Andrew’s provides an exciting camps program for all our Prep to Year 10 students. The Camps are a compulsory and fun part of each child’s education. The aims of this program are to improve:

  • Self-confidence
  • Social skills
  • Bonding within year groups
  • Environmental understandings
  • Outdoor skills
  • Understanding of self and others

The program is designed to build on skills and provide increasing levels of challenge and self-reliance as children progress through the year levels. Locations and activities are chosen to be age-appropriate as well as to provide a variety of environments and activities. Camps are learning-rich experiences where students achieve incredible personal growth.

Year 7 travels to the spectacular granite outcrops of Girraween National Park to play and explore the many caves, tunnels, unique rock formations and spectacular views. Throughout the week there will be a major focus on embracing a Growth Mindset to overcome personal challenges and working and living in cooperative groups.

Utilising our beautiful backyard, the Upper Noosa River and Cooloola area is the setting for our Year 8 Journey. The students participate in a number of activities and modes of transport that allow the students to experience the area in an adventurous and fun way. The students will cover approximately 65km Hiking, Kayaking and Mountain Biking throughout the week as well as Sailing and Rock Climbing at Mt Tinbeerwah. The program is designed to be a challenge for our students. Like Year 7, the principles of Positive Psychology and a growth mindset are a focus for the program. Moving into Year 8, there is an additional focus and critical reflection on working with others, living independently, and giving back to the area.

The Year 10 programs provide an extended experience in an adventurous activity of the students’ choice. Continuing with a Growth Mindset to overcome personal challenges, there is additional attention paid to groups being highly functional and independent in Year 10.

Sea Kayaking

Moreton Bay is a wilderness jewel on our back doorstep. Before the camp even begins, students must work with buddies to plan their menus and buy their food. The journey begins in the sheltered waters of the southern bay, then they venture out to campsites on South Stradbroke Island. They learn paddling techniques and by the end of the week are navigating themselves and planning their route depending on tides and conditions. 

Fraser Island Hike

 Travelling in small groups, this camp provides a unique wilderness experience on World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. Approximately 40 kilometres is hiked over the five days with each group staying in a new location every night. Students (and teachers) must carry everything on their backs including food, tents and clothing.

Mountain Biking

 Based at two of South East Queensland’s best mountain biking areas Hidden Vale Adventure Park and the Wooroi Trails right on our door step at Tewantin National Park. This trip gives students the opportunity to develop and challenge individual riding skills whether they are basic to advanced. 

Whitsundays Scuba Camp

Students fly to Airlie Beach and spend 3 nights in town completing class and pool sessions. They then set sail on a maxi yacht to the islands where they complete their open water dives and spend 2 nights living on board.

Students in Year 11 undertake a targeted development of their group (social) and leadership skills, albeit in an appropriate and inspiring outdoor setting, with their Leadership Retreat. This week-long course is pivotal in assisting each Year 11 cohort to strengthen their skills and capacity to become the best leaders possible in the pending school year to come, and also to help them focus their personal goals for their final and vital year of schooling. Students in Year 12 attend their "Futures Week" - a series of events targeting issues and skills specific to the needs of Year 12s. This includes a three-day trip to Brisbane to explore a variety of tertiary institutions.

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