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Drama at St Andrew’s Anglican College provides a medium for exploration, social criticism, celebration and entertainment across both a curricular and co-curricular context. Through Drama, students engage in aesthetic learning experiences and develop skills and understandings that are transferable to a variety of artistic, social and work-related contexts.

Engagement in the subject encourages students to explore the way human beings think, feel and communicate; learning to understand others and ourselves in our own community and the greater world in which we live. Students at St Andrew’s are invited and encouraged to explore their world through the safe and supportive environment of the Drama classroom. The engaging and diverse curriculum in Drama in the Secondary school assists pupils in their self-discovery and consequently building the foundations to their own identity. Drama increases confidence and allows the mind and body to explore through a physical and subjective approach.


Students who study Drama at St Andrew’s have the opportunity to develop a strong understanding of theatrical styles, both Realism and Non-Realism, as well as exploring the aspects of Comedy and Tragedy across a vast range of genres and in a variety of contexts such as actor, director, producer and stage manager.

Co-curricular opportunities include the Secondary School Play and the Secondary School Musical, both wonderfully theatrical and enjoyably challenging opportunities for Drama students to engage in and experience.

Drama Staff at St Andrew’s are highly passionate and enthusiastic educators, who provide exciting and creatively engaging learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Theatre excursions across Queensland are an integral part of our program, including visiting artists to our community where are students are reminded that acting is living truthfully through imaginary circumstances.

Staff Contacts

Tara Mackie
Head of Drama

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