Addressing Needs and Interests

Students from Prep to Year 12 are encouraged and challenged to aim for their personal best in all that they do at St Andrew’s. To address this in their academic studies, students are supported by teachers through engaging growth-focused pedagogy. 

Every student has the opportunity to access various forms of support for their learning. Some students, based upon identified needs and/or their pathway through school, will also access other provisions available through the specialist Learning Support, Extension & Enrichment, and VET (Vocational Education & Training) departments. 

In this manner, the personalising of student learning in every classroom and subject is key to ensuring that students at St Andrew’s move confidently into their futures.

If you would like further information about the provision of support to students, please contact the relevant person as listed below:

Primary School enquiries:

Deputy (Prep to Year 3): Ms Cath Green –

Deputy (Year 4 to Year 6): Mr Ben Dean –

Secondary School enquiries:

The relevant Head of House:

Burkett:              Mrs Penny Sargeant –
Rafter:                Mr Jim Scott –
Hocknull:            Mr Shaun Cleary –
Williamson:        Ms Lauren Norbury –

Learning Support Department enquiries:

Head of Learning Support: Mrs Anita Williamson –

Secondary Learning Support Teacher: Mrs Lisa Coid - 

Extension & Enrichment enquiries:

Primary:              Mrs Jill Green –

Secondary:         Mr Peter Hand –

Support for student learning is provided through various means at St Andrew’s. This includes options such as classroom differentiation provided by the classroom teacher, tutorial sessions, Education Support Officers (ESOs) in Primary classrooms and the Learning Support Department.

The Learning Support department works with students who are identified as having a learning disability or difficulty which impacts significantly upon the student’s capacity to develop key skills and/or access the curriculum. Access to support through the Learning Support department is confirmed through an individualised case review process overseen by the Learning Support Management Team. This type of support may occur through in-class assistance and/or withdrawal sessions, and may be presented either one-to-one and/or in small groups. 

The College greatly values and supports the unique challenges sought by and suited to students ready for more than the core curriculum of their year level. There is a wide range of opportunities potentially available to students identified by the College as benefitting from extension and/or enrichment (E&E). Students are identified as having learning needs suitable for E&E through a review process conducted by the College’s Extension & Enrichment Management Team (EEMT).

This multi-dimensional and flexible identification process at St Andrew's involves:

  • recognising the wide range of gifts and talents exhibited by our students
  • using a balanced range of data, including formal and informal indicators of student achievement and potential, to determine suitable student candidates
  • promoting inclusiveness and appropriate opportunity (not exclusiveness)

E&E offers a range of school-based, regional, state-based, national and international programs and events for groups and individuals. These include:

  • Tournament of Minds
  • Future Problem Solving: Global Issues and Scenario Writing
  • Primary Extension Withdrawal (PEW: targeted lessons in English and/or Mathematics)
  • The da Vinci Decathlon
  • ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools): various subjects offered
  • Mathematics Olympiad
  • Buranga Camp (for Year 6 students: targeting English, Science, Music and/or Art)

…as well as other excursions, workshops and programs

The VET department offers students a range of exciting opportunities. These options provide students with an alternative pathway to tertiary study or post-school vocational entry. 

As the College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No: 32322), we are able to deliver nationally recognised qualifications using the Australian Qualifications Framework. 

We also work in close partnership with various other RTO’s to enable an extensive VET program. For more information about the options available in VET, please visit our Vocational Education & Training page.

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