Mr Rudkin to launch book sequel

Congratulations to our wonderful Science and Maths teacher, Dave Rudkin, who has been busy in his time away from the classroom writing and releasing a sequel to his first children's book.

'Quirky and the Pirate' follows the first book in the series, 'Quirky and the Dragon', written for ages 4 - 6. Adventures to date have seen Quirky healing injured dragons, saving pirates, braving an unusual haunted house and dealing with a princess who has been cursed to transform into a troll.

Mr Rudkin will be having an informal book launch/signing in the Hub Plaza on Thursday 15 November at 3:30pm. Copies of both ‘Quirky Miller and the Dragon’ and ‘Quirky Miller and the Pirate’ will be available to purchase at the discounted price of $10.

To quote David’s favourite saying, ‘Life is good!’