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Performance Opportunities

Performance Opportunities are one of the three core elements of the Co-Curricular Music program. At St Andrew’s there is a variety of performance experiences available for students to pursue in a range of different contexts and settings. All students involved in the music program at St Andrew’s are encouraged to participate in a variety of Performance Opportunities to showcase the development of personal and ensemble music skills. The main ambition of most musicians is, of course, to play and there is no shortage of the chance to do so in the Co-Curricular Music program at St Andrew’s. 

Performances at the College can include but are not limited to the following;

  • College Events such as Primary and Secondary Assemblies and Chapels, Services (Leadership Induction, ANZAC, Foundation Day, Remembrance Day), Primary and Secondary Celebration Events, the College Fair
  • Music Events such as Music Recitals, Open Mic, Rehearsal Weekends, Celebration Events (Choral Soirée, Sounds of Celebration, Sounds of Swing, Strings High Tea)


For more detailed information regarding these specific opportunities please click on the tab below.

Each year, a number of Music Recital opportunities are offered to students in all year levels. These are multi-instrumental recitals and give students the opportunity to perform for a live audience. Recitals will usually be a mix of both Primary and Secondary students and the dress requirements are day, co-curricular or formal uniform. All recitals will be held in The Studio and will be no longer than one hour in duration. As a point of courtesy to the performers, it is asked that all students remain for the duration of each recital and other commitments should be considered when nominating for a particular recital performance. Sign-up for the recitals is made directly through the instrumental music teacher. This is an important process to ensure that students are ready for this performance step.

The recital dates and times for 2019 are below. 

Thursday 4 April Term 1, Week 10 4:30pm till 5:30pm
Wednesday 24 April Term 2, Week 1 4:00pm till 5:00pm
Thursday 2 May Term 2, Week 2 4:30pm till 5:30pm
Monday 20 May Term 2, Week 5 5:00pm till 6:00pm
Tuesday 11 June Term 2, Week 8 4:00pm till 5:00pm
Tuesday 23 July Term 3, Week 2 4:30pm till 5:30pm
Thursday 1 August Term 3, Week 3 4:00pm till 5:00pm
Wednesday 21 August Term 3, Week 6 4:00pm till 5:00pm
Saturday 31 August Term 3, Week 7 2:00pm till 3:00pm
Wednesday 4 September Term 3, Week 8 4:30pm till 5:30pm
Thursday 10 October Term 4, Week 1 4:30pm till 5:30pm
Saturday 16 November Term 4, Week 6 2:00pm till 3:00pm

Open Mic is a fantastic lunch time event that brings the entire College together in a shared interest of Music, giving students an opportunity to perform in a relaxed setting with an audience of peers and staff. Open Mics are held three times per term, usually in weeks 3, 4 and 5, on a Wednesday lunch time in the Learning Hub Plaza. Sign-up for Open Mic is run by the Secondary Music Leaders. 

The St Andrew's Co-Curricular Music Department engages our students to Make Music Together through a range of opportunities. One way in which we celebrate the student's shared music making is at our end of year Music Celebration Events. Due to the substantial size of the program these Celebration Events are split over our four main Ensemble areas - Bands, Choral, Jazz and Strings. Our Sounds of Celebration, Choral Soirée, Sounds of Swing and Strings High Tea are a wonderful celebration of all that our students have achieved throughout the year with performances from many of our small and large ensembles and reflections from our Music Leaders. Details for the 2019 Music Celebration Events are below.

Strings High Tea - Saturday 26 October, 2:30pm till 4:00pm in the Richard Gowty Centre

Sounds of Swing - Saturday 26 October, 6:00pm till 7:30pm in the Learning Hub

Choral Soirée - Monday 28 October, 5:00pm till 6:30pm in the Richard Gowty Centre

Sounds of Celebration - Tuesday 29 October, 5:30pm till 7:30pm in the Richard Gowty Centre

Music is an integral part of many College Events throughout the year. There are weekly performances at Primary and Secondary Assemblies and Chapel Services from individual students through to small and large ensembles. Sign-up for Assembly and Chapel Services are with the Primary and Secondary Music Leaders. Music is also a valued part of many of the Special College Services that are held throughout the year including; Leadership Induction, ANZAC Day, Foundation Day, Remembrance Day, Secondary Presentation Evening, Primary and Secondary Christmas Chapel, Year 4 - 6 Celebration of Learning.

Another important event in the College calendar is the St Andrew's Fair. The Secondary Music Leaders arrange and organise the entertainment for the day and manage performances across 2 stages from 11:00am till 6:00pm. Within the schedule there are many opportunities for students to perform individually or in small and large ensembles for the wider College community.


Performances in the wider community can include but are not limited to the following;

  • Local, State, National and International Competitions and Festivals such as the Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod, Queensland Music Festival, Aspire International Youth Music Festival, Australian International Music Festival
  • Workshops/Masterclasses with local or travelling school/community ensembles or invited guests
  • Local community organisations
  • Music Camps and Tours


For more detailed information regarding these specific opportunities please click on the tab below.

Participation in local, state and international Music Festivals and Competitions assists our students to further develop their musical abilities. Through these experiences, students are able to engage in healthy competition, work towards set performance goals as individuals and ensembles, develop critical listening skills and network with students from differing schools and backgrounds with similar musical interests. 

Some of the Music Competitions and Fesitivals that students at St Andrew's regularly participate in include:

  • Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod
  • Queensland Music Festival
  • Aspire International Youth Music Festival
  • Australian International Music Festival

At St Andrew's we place high importance on the development of our musicians through involvement in workshops and masterclasses. Our students have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of renowned guest clinicians, both national and international, in individual, small group and ensemble contexts. Some of the clinicians that have worked with the students include; Bob Montgomery and Al Hermann (USA), Libor Smoldas (CZ), John Curro (Queensland Youth Orchestra), Brett Weymark (Sydney Philharmonia Choirs), Stephen Williams (NSW Public Schools Symphonic Wind Ensemble), Peter Morris (Queensland Conservatorium), Francesca de Valence (Queensland Conservatorium), Craig Atkinson (Ten Tenors), Song Fwaa (Contemporary Fusion Band), Eureka Ensemble (Australian National Academy of Music), Nicole Van Bruggen (Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra), Malcolm Wood (Jazz), Melissa Doecke (Flute),  Best of Brass, Louise King (Cello Dreaming) and many others. 

Our students also have regular opportunities to workshop with students from other schools allowing them to develop their skills under the guidance of a wide variety of musical directors and to share the experience of making music with students from around the country and the world. Some of the schools that we have engaged with in workshops include: Matthew Flinders Anglican College (QLD), Sunshine Beach State High School (QLD), Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School (QLD), Cannon Hill Anglican College (QLD), Coomera Anglican College (QLD), Carey Baptist Grammar School (VIC), Trinity Grammar School (VIC), Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School (VIC), Blackburn High School (VIC), Glendowie College (New Zealand) and many others. 

An integral part of our Performance Opportunities element includes Camps and Touring experiences within our Ensemble program. These Camps and Tours are focused around developing the musical skills of our students and their relationships with their fellow students and staff.

Music Camps are held each year, in Term One for Secondary Ensembles, and Term Two for Primary Ensembles. These are held at a local camp site and costs are included within the Co-Curricular Music Levy. The focus of the Music Camp is for the Ensembles to begin the year with a dedicated weekend of rehearsal to improve the music making of individual students and the Ensemble as a whole. Students have the opportunity to bond with their fellow Music peers, developing life long friendships through shared Music making.

Domestic Music Tours are held each year, alternating between Primary and Secondary in a two year rotation, sometimes also including International Touring. The focus of Music Tours is to travel outside the local community to engage in workshop and performance opportunities and can often include participation in State, National and International Music Festivals and Competitions. Music Tours offer students unique performance experiences in a variety of venues and the opportunity to engage with other musicians in workshops and masterclasses. Relationships are a key component of the Ensemble program and touring gives students the opportunity to strengthen friendships with students and staff through shared musical experiences.

For more detailed information regarding Camps and Touring within the St Andrew's Co-Curricular Music Department please peruse the Music Camps and Tours page on the website.

Music Camps and Tours

At St Andrew's we value the opportunity for our students to engage within the local community. Students have performed for a variety of local organisations and at local events including; the Noosa Jazz Festival, Havana Night Markets, Nights on Ocean and at local Retirement and Aged Care Facilities. 



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